I hate messing around with my wifi router. Whenever I have to reset it, I have to shuffle down to the basement, scooch aside my boxes of winter clothes and Rock Band instruments, and dust the cobwebs off the router before doing the old turn it off, unplug it and plug it back in trick. Usually it kicks back into gear in minutes or less so I can keep watching my true crime shows.

If messing with your wifi router at home is inconvenient, I can only imagine the upkeep of a dated Windows computer running gate software on-site at a storage facility. The worst part? It’s not just an inconvenience for you when your on-site PC stops working - it’s also a major inconvenience for your customers. My old wireless router never results in lost income for me, but an error-prone gate software or access control system at a storage facility could very well result in lost profits for storage business owners. Read on to learn more about access control systems of then and now, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for our FREE webinar resource!

What’s wrong with my old gate software?

Well, nothing, really. Except that it’s slow. It needs to run on-site to keep your gates working. And most of the time, it requires an old DOS or Windows computer, which means viruses, overnight software updates, frequent restarts, and miscommunication between your computer and your gate.

Oftentimes, dated access control systems don’t communicate quickly with your facility management software, causing a delay for new or recently paid-up renters. This scenario leads to new tenants rage-typing their access code into your keypad, trying to force the gate open manually, and angrily calling you up in the middle of the night wondering why they can’t get into the facility.

Traditional access control systems also don’t have a backup plan for your data. If the on-site PC crashes, so does your access control system. Your tenants’ access data is inaccessible at best, gone forever at worst. It also doesn’t offer any help when you’re hit with that sudden nagging feeling that you forgot something, and you’re left wondering, did I close the exit gate tonight?

Why cloud access control is the way to go

A cloud-based access control system stores your tenant data in a much safer place: the cloud. Your tenants’ access data is kept safe, organized, and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Meaning you can get donate the Windows or DOS computer (or smash it, depending on your emotional state) and run your gates wirelessly, if you want. It’s also really fast: there’s no lag between communication of your pay online portal or online rental tools. When a tenant rents a unit or pays their bill, their account status is updated instantly across both your software and access control - so their gate code starts working right away.

Because your data is accessible from anywhere in the world, you can view the status of your facility’s gates and entry points at home, while getting on an airplane, from your mobile device, in your home office, or on a deserted island. (Well, if the deserted island had a cell signal, but you get my drift.) You can even remotely open and close your gates, see who’s accessed your property most recently and for how long, and get notifications of new tenant access right from your phone, iPad, or laptop. It’s like a heat map for your facility’s security, and with storEDGE Cloud Access Control, all of your facility and tenant access data is at-the-ready in your software.

Try before you buy

If this short blog post has you thinking of looking into cloud access control for your storage facility, you can start right here. If you’re new to the industry or it’s your first time shopping for gate security tools, be sure to do your research even before you start building or renovating your property. Check out online resources, get live product demos, and talk to self storage technology experts. You’ll find a wealth of information at industry trade shows and by chatting with other storage brands who’ve already tried, tested, and discovered the benefits of cloud access control.

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