Last March, I wrote a blog post that detailed the positive effect high-quality images can have on your web presence and business. What I didn’t cover in March is the fact that storEDGE offers its customers the chance to purchase a wide variety of media packages—a great solution to those hoping to get some high-quality digital media for their website.

The questions posed in that March post are, perhaps now more than ever, becoming relevant to the industry. Why do you need high-quality media in the high-stakes world of online marketing? What edge does it give your business? How do images affect your rankings in search engine results? Continue reading to get the answers to these questions and learn how storEDGE is making it easier than ever to get the images your business needs to succeed.

Why Do You Need Media?

High-quality images and videos are game changers in the world of internet marketing. Since you can’t speak directly with each visitor to your site, they act as the first point of contact with online shoppers. They can therefore be highly influential to your web presence and appearance to your potential customers.

1) Enticing and Attracting Customers

Think about the last time you saw an image or advertisement that left a lasting impression about the service, product, or company it represented. Your mind probably jumps immediately to a particular image connected to a particular company. The memorable nature of images is perhaps the biggest value of high-quality media, especially when it comes to your website.

When your website presents beautiful imagery of your property to your customers, they will remember it. Images demonstrate your willingness to put in the effort it takes to create a professional website—that you care about how your brand is represented. If even just one potential customer equates your facility with professionalism and cleanliness, then your images have served a purpose. When your facility and brand becomes recognizable to people because of your media, then your services will be the first option they consider.

2) Showcasing Your Services in Customers’ Homes

Imagine that a potential customer runs across your website after a quick online search, clicks on it, and is presented with a half dozen images of the facility, the interior of the office and units, street views, and special services or security features. Since the customer can see everything right from home, half of your job is finished!

Customers want to see a product before they buy it. The world of internet shopping makes this part of the purchasing process difficult, so images work by filling in the blanks. Having great, detailed images of every part of your product makes it more enticing to someone in need of storage space, thereby selling your product for you. If they never have to come to your office because they can essentially take a virtual tour of your facility from the comfort of their couch, then you are more likely to get them to reserve a space.

What Edge Do Images Give You?

Beyond attracting new customers and increasing your online visibility, high-quality media affects your business in a number of direct, useful ways by bettering your company’s appearance to your customers and by increasing your occupancy.


Trust is perhaps the biggest determining factor in a customer’s decision to purchase from a particular business. High-quality media not only displays professionalism, but also shows your potential renters exactly what they will be paying for, creating a sense of trust.

Continuity of Your Brand

This is probably not something you think about on a day-to-day basis, but continuity across all of your branding platforms creates a subconscious link within your potential renters. The more recognizable your company is, the more likely they are to rent from you.

Memorability/Recognition of Brand

Speaking of memorability, images make your brand more recognizable, as mentioned above. Try creating a unique logo or hiring a company to create one for you. The more visually recognizable your brand is, the more leads you’ll gain.

How Do Images Effect Your Rankings?

Images and media increase the quality of the user’s experience when they visit your site. This means they will spend more time on each page, decreasing your bounce rate and increasing the value of your website in search results. With increased SEO value, your site is more visible to a wider internet audience.

When the media pertains directly to your content and includes descriptive, informative alt text and title tags, then your images will be included in image search results, further boosting the overall ranking of your website for relevant searches.

It’s pretty straightforward: high-quality images and media means more user engagement with your website, which decreases your bounce rate and increases your site’s SEO value. Increased SEO value means more online visibility, bringing you more customers and therefore making your online marketing efforts more effective.

Here’s how: Because your facility is more visible and your services accurately and beautifully presented on your website, more people are going to feel comfortable converting from lead to customer, raising your conversion rates. Seeing your product before purchase makes the decision process easier.

Where Can You Include Your Media?

So, you have some great images and videos, but how do you share them? Part of creating a sense of brand continuity means having the same high-quality media across all of your online resources that your leads could potentially come into contact with. Presenting your business in a single fashion goes a long way toward gaining customer trust.

Your Website

It seems pretty self-explanatory, but your high-quality media belongs, first and foremost, on your website. Put it on your homepage and facility pages where it will be most likely to be seen by anyone visiting your site or searching for your services. If your provider offers a slideshow function, add many images to this so that your leads can see all the details of your facility’s features. If you can, make it so that they can be enlarged for a better look.

Your Google Maps Listing

This is probably one of the first places a lead is going to encounter your business and your brand. If your website appears in the map pack after their search, especially if the search is being done on a mobile device, an image (one that you’ve selected) will appear above the name of your company. Additionally, images of your facility, the interior of your office and units, and street views will be listed along the bottom of the map.

Your Social Media

If you have any social media accounts (and you should) then you will also want to add any video or images to those. This ensures that, should your customers run across your business on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, they will be presented with the same branding and high-quality images as they will find on your website and maps listing.

Your Traditional Marketing

Even though your traditional marketing efforts are not visible to your online market, they should still contain the same high-quality images and other media as your website, social media, and maps listing. Put your images on brochures, billboards, print or web ads, the flyers you spread around town, and any other marketing efforts to ensure brand continuity.

The Big Picture

There are a lot of really good reasons to add media to your online outlets, whether it’s stills, panoramas, or videos. All of these reasons intertwine and affect one another, but the biggest reason is simple: The success of your business relies on the extremely visible nature of online marketing. The more traffic you can generate to your website, the better chance that you’ll increase your SEO value and the occupancy rate of your facility. High-quality media is the first step to making those things happen.

Because we at storEDGE know the importance of high-quality media, we’re making it simple to get those high-quality images and other media onto your website and online accounts. So, there’s nothing holding you back, especially if you’re already a customer of ours. Speak with your account manager today to learn more about how it works or click here to download a PDF about the details of the packages.