Text Messaging

Send and receive texts from any device that uses storEDGE software. Two-way texting makes it easy to send automated payment reminders or move-in confirmations to your renters.

And it's completely free.
Yep, you read that right. Texting is fully baked-in to every storEDGE software package, at no additional cost.

Send Automated

Text your tenants from within your software when accounts are past due or after they've completed a reservation, move-in, move-out, or transfer. Simply choose a text template or create your own!

A template being created for a new automated text message in the storEDGE software.


When a tenant texts your facility, a pop-up will appear in your software. You can then view their information and account status and respond right away from your keyboard.

A received text message from tenant Alison Rami.


Communicate with your tenants via text anytime, from anyplace and on any device — just like you can with your iPhone. All conversation history is stored in the tenant profile for future reference.

The in-software text message history for tenant Anna Morgan.

“Our clients’ customers are digitally savvy, and they demand a mobile-friendly experience. By integrating texting, we’re able to reach them where they already are - on their smartphones.”

Megan Kannard, Director of Product Design

Wish to text your tenants?

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