Rental Center™ Upgrade

Our previous pay online interface was upgraded to be more robust so your tenants can conveniently serve themselves. New customers can choose a unit size and complete the entire move-in process online. Existing tenants can log in to manage their account balance, pay bills and more.

Anywhere, anytime.

The Rental Center™ is easily accessible through your facility’s website from any browser, phone, or tablet, or from any device at your property. New customers can rent a unit any time of day, at their convenience.

Simple & secure.

New customers are guided through the move-in process with just a few simple steps to make renting a unit simple and efficient. With Rental Center™, renting a storage unit is as easy as renting a movie!

Integrates Seamlessly

New tenants and account changes are automatically synced with your management software in real time as they happen. With Rental Center™, online move-ins are easy, convenient and organized for both customers and facility managers.

"People use their smartphones for almost everything. With Rental Center™, tenants can do everything from pay their bills to complete the move-in process, all from their smartphone."

Austin Jones, Director of Sales

Ready to rake in rent payments?

Our Rental Center™ makes paying online convenient and effortless. Plus, allow online move-ins, account history access, and more!

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