Add New Tenant Flow

A simplified way to organize and add new leads, reservations and move-ins. With one click from the nav bar, you can include details like how you found the lead, what they’re storing and when they want to move in.

The storEDGE nav bar with the add tenant button selected and add tenant drop down list.

One Simple Flow

We've simplified our software to make your most common actions easier. Now you can add new tenants, make reservations, and complete move-ins, all from one workflow.

The add tenant move-in flow.

Fill Your Units

Gather marketing information to see where leads are coming from, what they want to store, and how soon they’d like to move in. We made it easier to search and filter to find the perfect unit for their needs.

A unit list with search and filter options.

No Interruptions

Start the flow with only one click from the top nav anywhere in the software. It's easy to stop, save progress, go back to what you were doing, and come back at any time.

An in-progress lead in the add tenant nav bar dropdown.

“The transition from lead to reservation to move-in is natural. So, we created an interface that now allows our users to advance through the flow in one smooth process.”

Beth Donnelly, Product Manager

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