Mail House

Mailing documents has never been easier with automated mail services. Create invoices, postcards or letters to send to tenants, or set up automatic mailing for things like rate changes or delinquency.

Click to Mail

With one click, your documents will be mailed to tenants using USPS mail. Track your mail usage and spending with one easy report.

The storEDGE mail usage report.

Easy-to-use Templates

Create documents one time and save them as templates in your software. Your letters, postcards and invoices are handy when you need them.

The storEDGE document creator drop-down selection tool.

Certified Mail Tracking

Send certified mail through your software and track the status of your certified letter from start to finish with detailed reports and analytics.

A list of mail that has been sent through the storEDGE software.

“Our Mail House integration makes managing multiple facilities and working remotely so much easier. It's essential for any paperless operation.”

Cynthia Roe, Implementation Manager

Want to save time at the post office?

Mail House is just one of the many time-saving features storEDGE can offer your business. Request a demo to check out all our automated tools!

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