Interactive Facility Map

Managing your property is even simpler with the storEDGE facility map. View a snapshot of your entire storage facility, easily complete move-ins or move-outs, and view unit and tenant statuses.

Drag and Drop Builder

Build an interactive map of your property to see the status of each of your units. Place your units onto the map area, then add floors, objects, and labels. Publish and you're done!

Three units being dragged into the storEDGE facility map builder.

See Your Property

Your facility map shows an at-a-glance view of your property's layout, occupancy, and delinquency. Click on a unit to take action, complete a move-in, move-out, overlock, pay a bill, or create a lead.

A red unit showing unit information and delinquent tenant Noel Stratton's info.

Setup Support

Building your facility map is simple, but for $.50 a unit we'll do all the heavy lifting and set your map up for you. Plus, we're always here for support after it's published.

A smiling support specialist and the storEDDGE facility map.

“The facility map has made it even easier to understand the state of facility operations. With one glance at the map, storage operators are able to see the big picture of their facility.”

Megan Kannard, Director of Product Design

Imagine the beauty.

Your whole property cleanly laid out on an interactive canvas. We'll even build it for you.

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