Custom Dashboards

See all your data displayed in your dashboard using our built-in business intelligence tools. Unlock data across your entire business portfolio, including software, website, operations, and marketing data. Customize how you look at data and manipulate data views right from your dashboard.

Style Your Dashboard

Style your dashboard to show the data you care about most and manipulate data to fit your business’s unique needs. Rename and resize graphs, change time periods, edit graph views, show select facilities or groups, and filter results.

Graph showing incoming leads and graph editor with display options.

Display All Your Data

It’s easier than ever to analyze all your data in one place with custom dashboards. Customize and analyze key performance indicators tailored to your unique business needs. Display all your data effortlessly using custom reports.

A screenshot of the add panels selection tool.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Hone in on your most effective business practices and use your data to make smarter business decisions. Save marketing dollars and target your customers more effectively by analyzing every lead that comes into your software.

A chart showing area versus economic occupancy trends.

“We're proud to be the industry leaders in aggregating data across multiple sources. This feature makes it seamless for owners to take a data-backed approach to managing and marketing their self storage business.”

Adam England, Chief Technology Officer

Dig Deeper Than Ever Before

Start utilizing your data to make smarter business decisions and boost revenue. See what you’re missing by checking out a free demo!

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