Cloud Access Control

Manage your self storage access points effortlessly, with in-software security tools that work in real-time for new renters, with no on-site PC required. Cloud access control is the industry’s most advanced cloud-based gate controller, and it’s completely built into our user-friendly storEDGE facility management software.

An in-software notification showing Jim Halpert accessed your storage facility.

Instant Gate Access

Whether you’re a new renter or a facility manager, access is fast, easy, and synced in real-time. Create customized access groups that let you organize and monitor tenants’ access days, hours, and entry points.

Customized access groups that let you choose the days, hours, and buildings tenants can access.

Automatic Notifications

Get instant notifications whenever a tenant uses their gate code, remotely monitor, open, and close your gates, and send SMS messages to tenants alerting them whenever their gate code is used.

An alert showing access was denied to a delinquent tenant.

Detailed Access Histories

Check out security trends at your facility and see full tenant access histories with in-depth data, like entry and exit times, average visits before move-out, number of key code attempts, and most popular access times.

An access history archive for the tenant Austin Nelson.

“Cloud access control allows storEDGE users to get rid of outdated, virus-prone Windows computers. It makes monitoring storage facilities remotely easier than ever before using any device, anywhere in the world.”

Adam England, Chief Technology Officer

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