Ad Hoc

With Ad Hoc Documents, you’re able to create and send custom documents to tenants, right from your software. Easily communicate anything from a happy holidays message to a notice of a rent increase.

Screenshot of an email from Stars Hollow Storage to a tenant.

Create Templates

Create and save customized templates using the ad hoc document editor. If you create a seasonal message, it’s easy to save it and send it every year.

Screenshot of storEDGE software's template selection tool.

Spread the Word

Send your message to all tenants at your facility, or send it only to certain groups of tenants. With Ad Hoc Documents, you can easily notify tenants about what’s happening at your facility.

Screenshot of a user selecting contacts to send ad hoc documents to.

Print and Mail Letters

Whether you’re planning just to print or to automatically send postal mail through your software, ad hoc documents allow you to notify tenants of upcoming changes or events with easy to create templates.

Screenshot of storEDGE software's delivery method drop down tool.

“This feature is a huge time saver: it makes it easier than ever before for owners to alert tenants of important facility news, events, or specials.”

Megan Kannard, Director of Product Design

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