Last year, the storEDGE team joined the SpareFoot and SiteLink family, and the union of these companies brought a lot of smart technologists and self storage experts together Brady Bunch-style. Now, we’re all working alongside each other to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for self storage technology. Since our family has grown so much, we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet some of the employees that make storEDGE, SiteLink, and SpareFoot such a great place to work through the books that inspire us.

You may recognize some of the names and faces below from self storage trade shows, industry blog posts, help articles and videos, or various customer support conversations, while other employees may be less public-facing, doing important work behind-the-scenes to build the self storage technology tools that you use to run your business every day. But no matter what we’re working on around the office, we all need a little inspiration from time to to time. Check out some of the books our technology team has read lately to get inspired and find your next great literary adventure.

Allyson Betzold

Allyson's team photo.

Location: Kansas City

Title: storEDGE Integration Specialist

What I really do: I work directly with new and incoming clients to ensure a successful onboarding to storEDGE software. Plus, I bake a lot of treats for my coworkers - cheesecakes are my specialty.

Book: Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele

“This book is great. It's less about yoga and more about how to just live a better, truer life.”

Sam Blumhardt

Sam's team photo.

Location: Kansas City

Title: storEDGE Software Engineer

What I really do: I’m a software engineer who works on integrating our software with our website platform.

Book: The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

“My mom gave me this book for Christmas and I thought it was going to be something I wouldn't enjoy at all because we do not share tastes in books one bit, but it ended up being very good and made me cry like a big baby. Plus, it's a short easy read, which was nice.”

Jana Haecherl

Jana's team photo.

Location: Kansas City

Title: storEDGE Marketing Communications Specialist

What I really do: I’m the voice behind the storEDGE brand and products, including this blog post you’re reading right now! I write articles for our blog and industry publications, draft press releases, and develop content for our websites, digital and print ads, emails, and various other marketing campaigns. I also moonlight as the office’s resident Santa Claus during the holidays.

Book: Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey

“I’ve been reading a lot of parenting books lately and this one was a super quick, easy read. This book offers a ton of no-BS tips on how to teach kids about the value of money and raise them to be generous, financially-savvy adults.”

Kaitlin Reim

Kaitlin's team photo.

Location: Kansas City

Title: storEDGE UI/UX Designer

What I really do: I make sure our users aren't too kerfuffled by functionality in our products while attempting to make our interfaces look visually pleasing.

Book: How to Invent Everything by Ryan North

“This book definitely makes you think about why the world is how it is and mistakes you wish you could go back and fix -- just like user experience design. Plus, it has flowcharts and diagrams; what more could you ask for?”

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan's headshot.

Location: Austin, TX

Title: SpareFoot People Operations

What I really do: Essentially, I'm a product manager for the employee experience.

Book: The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks

“I've been on an Oliver Sacks kick lately. He writes super interesting stuff about the brain and he's a fantastically engaging writer.”

Edward WinterRose

Edward's headshot.

Location: Raleigh, NC

Title: SiteLink Tech Support

What I really do: I do tech support for SiteLink Web Edition and the Standalone Version.

Book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

“My wife and I have shelves of books, and are unlikely to break the habit any time soon. I recently read “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King, and they’re probably my favorite books in the world. Stephen King’s eight book series runs almost like a backbone through many of his novels in one way or another, binding them into one megastory. Essentially, it’s the tale of a gunslinger from a world that has ‘moved on’ and a small party of friends on a quest to do nothing more than save every reality in existence. The recent movie was an interesting, but it was ultimately a failed attempt to start a movie franchise based on the book series. But, now Amazon has the rights and has a series in development. So here’s hoping.”

Willa Glesener

Willa's headshot.

Location: Austin, TX

Title: SpareFoot Project Coordinator

What I really do: I help our teams keep their projects on track!

Book: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner

“If you’re casually interested in philosophy but more a fan of fiction than non-fiction, “Sophie’s World” is a great read. If you’re more than casually interested, the same holds true. Originally published in Norwegian and now translated into over 60 languages, this best-selling book is a must read for anyone in search of universal and eternal truths. Who am I? Why are we here? What is the meaning of it all? Are people inherently good or bad? If you want to explore these questions and more, join the heroine Sophie as she solves the mysteries of her own story, and that of humanity as well.”

Seth Steele

Seth's headshot.

Location: Raleigh, NC

Title: SiteLink Software Developer

What I really do: I do programming for various SiteLink products.

Book: What You Do Matters by Kobi Yamada

“These books are technically geared towards children, but offer great advice for all.”

Cathie Fuentes

Cathie's headshot.

Location: Austin, TX

Title: SpareFoot Advanced Support & Billing Specialist

What I really do: I help SpareFoot clients with product and policy questions, education, and other sometimes complicated issues, along with some technical support. And, I’m currently transitioning into a different role on our Billing Support team.

Book: The Witch Elm by Tana French and Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

“I’m a pretty voracious reader, mostly fiction. I love when I find an author that has written multiple books, so I can read all of them! Most recently, I’ve read two that I’d recommend. The first is “The Witch Elm” by Tana French, which is a great mystery set in Ireland that also delves into the intricacies of family dynamics and other relationships. I thought I knew ‘whodunit’ many times while reading it, but ultimately didn’t know until she revealed it to the reader. The second book I’d recommend is “Nine Perfect Strangers” by Liane Moriarty, which is also kind of a mystery novel set at a health resort in Australia. It is pretty thought-provoking and has multiple interesting plot lines. Both of these books have some serious themes, but also some funny scenes, too. I highly recommend reading everything written by both of these talented ladies!”

Dominic Mastronunzio

Dominic's headshot.

Location: Austin, TX

Title: SpareFoot Assistant Controller

What I really do: I assist in directing the principles, practices and procedures of accounting for storEDGE, SiteLink, and SpareFoot-related companies.

Book: The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

“This book chronicles various stories of individuals involved with World War II, from soldiers on the front line to those working in the factories at home. I thought the book was great. It highlighted the fact that the entire country was involved with the war effort, not just soldiers on the front line, and how it changed our country forever.”

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