Videos are incredibly important to marketing your business online. Why? Just step into the shoes of a renter. Imagine you need an apartment for your family to move into. To ensure everything is safe and sound, you’d probably want to get a tour of the apartment first. You walk through the rooms, check the doors and locks, make sure that the air conditioner works, and just get a general feel for the place until you feel comfortable enough to sign the lease. Self storage renters aren’t very different - while their family won’t be living in the unit, their stuff will be. And they want to ensure their belongings are kept safe and in great condition before they sign on the dotted line.

Videos allow you to give virtual tours of your storage units to prospective renters checking out your self storage website. With one click, they can get a walkthrough of the property, look at unit doors and facility security, and view the cleanliness of the facility - all from the comfort of their own home on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It’s the closest thing they can get to checking out your storage facility in-person. If you’re offering online rentals, videos are key to building trust with new renters. Check out the six examples below to create the basic videos your facility needs to help you win new customers online!

1. A drone video of your property.

Drones are all the rage these days, and it seems like everyone from your nephew to your coworker has one. Reach out to a friend, neighbor, or trusted marketing expert to see if you can borrow a drone to make a cool video for your storage business. It only needs to be a minute long or less, and you don’t need any special effects or voiceovers to make a great drone video.

Key elements:

  • Show a view of your buildings from the road.
  • Fly the drone through your driveway aisles (if you have outdoor buildings).
  • Ensure the grass is mowed, landscaping is neat and tidy, and buildings and driveways have been pressure washed clean.
  • Shoot from a high-level so viewers can see an aerial view of where your facility is located in perspective to neighboring businesses, highways, and landmarks.
  • Show a view of the drone taking off in front of your facility to up the cool factor.

2. A marketing video that showcases your best amenities.

Your amenities are catered to your renters’ unique needs. Show them you care about their stuff by highlighting all of the extra care you put into your business. For some storage brands, this may be classic car storage or climate controlled RV parking. For others, it may be simple amenities like 24/7 access and drive-up accessible units. Whatever upgrades you have at your facility, show them off to help bring in new renters and make their decision to choose your storage business easy.

Key elements:

  • Show your amenities from every angle. For example, when showing a climate controlled building, show the outside of the building, the coded entrance, the thermostat on the wall, the generator, the inside of the units, the bathrooms, and the elevator.
  • Include a brief interview a manager or owner and discuss what the amenity is, how it works, it’s main selling points, and how it helps renters.
  • Point renters to where they can find more information, prices, and availability on your website.

3. Something that gives perspective to the size of your units.

Most people have a hard time picturing a 10’ x 10’ unit compared to a 10’ x 20’. Make it easy for them to estimate the size they need with a video that shows the size of your units. Snag a few common objects (like couches, furniture, a car, or boxes) and arrange them in a unit to show the size of the space. Want to kick your video up a notch? Get a little weirder with it by putting funny or offbeat items like a person leading a miniature horse, an inflatable bounce castle, or a monster truck in the space to show the size.

Key elements:

  • Explain the dimensions of the unit.
  • Compare the size of the space to something a new renter would be familiar with (like a garage or locker).
  • Show a time-lapse video of a move-in at the unit so renters can see how much stuff fits in the unit.
  • Be sure to include your business’s name and website.

4. A video that shows the cleanliness of your facility.

Clean is a huge selling point for leads online. All renters want to make sure their stuff isn’t going to be damaged by bugs, grime, mold, or mildew while in storage with you. If you have an office at your facility, make sure the room is vacuumed, dusted, and looking tidy before shooting a video. Ensure driveways are swept and clear of debris, potholes, or rocks, and go the extra mile to polish up your unit doors. It’s your time to shine!

Key elements:

  • Ensure your facility looks bright and sparkling clean before shooting the video.
  • Show the areas of your property that tenants frequent most, like bathrooms, trash or recycling areas, the facility office, parking lot, and driveways.
  • Explain to renters on-camera how you clean the facility and how often.
  • List the steps you take to prevent mold, mildew, pests, and bugs at your facility.
  • Show clean and dry storage units of various sizes and styles.

5. Something that helps sell your premium-priced units.

If you’re trying to get renters to pay a little extra for better security, rent a larger unit, or upgrade to climate controlled units, you’ll need to sell them on what makes your facility better than Joe Schmo’s cheap storage down the road. With a well-shot video, you can show your facility’s best side, educate your renters, and sell them on units or features that come with more amenities (at a higher price tag, of course). A video is a great way to sell hard-to-fill units and make your facility stand out from the crowd.

Key elements:

  • Show your best amenities and explain how they make storing easier.
  • Explain how you work with third-parties like moving services, security teams, or delivery services.
  • List the special benefits renters get from the unit.
  • Show your facility’s latest updates.
  • Include a customer testimonial, if possible.

6. A video that highlights your security features.

If you’ve already shown renters that your facility is clean, now it’s time to highlight your top security features. Most people have seen scary news stories about break-ins at storage facilities or unsavory activities happening at storage facilities, so you’ll need to ensure them that you are doing everything you can to prevent this from happening at your facility. Show your commitment to protecting renters and their belongings by capturing a great video of your facility.

Key elements:

  • List all the various security features your facility has.
  • Explain how your access control system works to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Show security camera monitoring in your office.
  • Include a customer testimonial, if possible.

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