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Beth Donnelly

Job Title

Project Manager, aka This is the Fun Title

My life in a tweet

This is her my life in a tweet answer and it's limited to only 140 characters so it would be about this long. Or a little bit longer like this.

I'm passionate about...

A one-paragraph (min. of 3 sentences) professional bio answering what you're passionate about. It can be general (software development) or specific (Ruby).

If you owned a storage facility, what would you name it?

Donnelly Self Storage

If you owned a storage facility, what would its colors be?


What's your favorite quote?

This is her favorite quote

What's your favorite self storage amenity?

Drive-up Access

What's your favorite part of working at storEDGE?

The people are irreplaceable.

What's a skill you want to learn someday?

How to do the human pretzel.

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