New storEDGE software tools facilitate data-driven decision making

Westwood, KSstorEDGE®, the leading technology provider for self storage, announced today the release of built-in business intelligence (BI) tools.

In recent months, storEDGE has designed a high-power data warehouse that collects data across a client’s entire business portfolio including software, website, operations, and marketing data. Because every operator uses data in a unique way, storEDGE BI tools will now provide operators with the capability to customize and analyze key performance indicators tailored to their unique business needs.

storEDGE will provide a customizable dashboard standard in software for customers. From there, customers will be able to style and personalize their dashboards as they please. The sleek new interface already includes the ability to manipulate data, change time periods, show select facilities or groups, and filter results. And in coming months, storEDGE will continue to add on to existing BI tools with new, custom-made reports, on top of the industry’s traditional canned reports.

“This is groundbreaking in that nearly every owner we speak with is building spreadsheets from multiple sources. I am pleased we’ve been able to provide an integrated solution,” said Dan Miller, President of storEDGE. “Owners are increasingly frustrated by fragmented data in multiple locations, prohibiting intelligent business decisions. storEDGE is providing the industry’s first solution to aggregate all the disparate data.”

Randall Mosca, Director of Business & Marketing at Columbia Storage Group, stated, “we’ve built a successful self storage business, but there is an increasing need for more data to evaluate true ROI on marketing sources. Also, with increased competition and technology driven by the REITs, storEDGE was the only company with end-to-end tools. As we buy properties and continue to grow, we needed to be able to compare apples to apples over time.”

A preview of custom dashboards will be on display at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas on April 11-12, 2017. Contact your sales representative if you’d like a demo.

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