On November 5th, 2013, StorageAhead released 3.14, an update that benefits both WebReady and WebWorks clients. Designers and developers worked together to include three new upgrades in the release: online move-ins, mobile redesign, and a new WebReady template. After taking in the feedback offered by clients, StorageAhead tweaked, updated, and redesigned to implement features that allow for even more personalization.

With the addition of online move-ins, self storage renters can now use their computers to complete reservations through a WebReady or WebWorks site. In the past, StorageAhead added a convenient “Contact” page, which prompts the potential renter to send a question or comment directly to the facility. Now, a renter commands a complete user experience; from unit information to driving directions and now online move-ins, the tenant can choose his facility and secure his space all at once. Facilities can customize their move-in forms to include specific sets of information. Upon completion, the renter will pay for his unit and even receive a PDF of the rental agreement. He will then receive a receipt of the transaction in his email, while the facility will receive an email notification of the new customer – instantly.

The mobile redesign is an automatic (and absolutely free) update included in 3.14, affecting both WebReady and WebWorks clients. Companies with multiple facilities will feature map views and filtered search results, which allow the renter to conduct a search that leads him to his perfect storage unit. Single facility brands will guide the user directly to the unit information page. The main benefit of the mobile upgrade is the simple experience it provides for the renter. He can search by unit size and quickly find the space he’s ready to rent without inspecting multiple pages. When his desired information is immediately accessible, he can become your next customer with ease.

The new WebReady theme, Essential, offers an unparalleled customization opportunity for the storage facility. Owners and managers can, as always, personalize the look and feel of the site – but they can now tailor everything from buttons to icons and calls to action, as well. For example, a facility that features free truck rental can pull an icon directly to the homepage, where the renter can click through and get started on the rental process right away. The new template is ideal for brands with any number of facilities, as the homepage is designed to automatically showcase information (such as pictures and prices) for each individual facility. If you're currently a WebReady client and you'd like to utilize the new template design, contact your account manager for a smooth transition.

3.14, as a whole, provides an advanced level of personalization for storage brands. StorageAhead will continue to move in a direction that places greater control in the hands of storage facilities. In the future, WebReady and WebWorks clients alike can expect more options, more upgrades, and more opportunities to customize. The 3.14 update works with the dedicated account managers, SEO specialists, and content writers to provide each facility the tailored experience it desires. As StorageAhead continues to focus its efforts on becoming better each day, both the facility and the renter will enjoy a truly optimized experience.

Next week, we will release blog posts with screenshots and videos on each update. We’ll guide you through the new features and, as always, welcome your feedback in the comment section below!