Since its launch, StorageAhead has consistently provided the most relevant web marketing solutions available. As part of its initiative to provide free resources to storage owners and operators, StorageAhead has recently introduced a free webinar series that focuses on educating those in the storage industry with strategies to improve online web marketing and lead generation efforts.

The series will contain a total of seven webinars with new content presented every three weeks. StorageAhead Account Manager Steven Lam kicked off the program on May 22 with a webinar detailing how to conduct an SEO website audit. Viewers watched as Lam performed an SEO audit of a live self storage website while learning about the most effective (as well as the least effective) methods for search engine optimization.

Lam’s webinar was received with an overwhelmingly positive response. “After hearing the feedback on our first webinar, we eagerly opened up 50 more spots,” says Lam. With seven more webinars scheduled over the next five months, StorageAhead is excited to share its knowledge with self storage gurus everywhere. The upcoming webinars will feature a wide variety of relevant internet marketing topics such as lead tracking, responsive design, link building, and social media.

Abby Madison, StorageAhead marketing outreach manager, shared her thoughts on the development and execution of the series. “The webinars are great for educating self storage owners and operators about the many facets of web marketing. After our first webinar, our audience voiced that our topic was engaging and that it addressed real concerns,” Madison recalls. “We can’t wait to see what will come with the next six.”

Each webinar is recorded and posted to the StorageAhead website and is available for anyone to watch. Viewers can watch any previous webinars as well as register for future sessions. StorageAhead welcomes any and all who wish to access the series. To be added to the email blast list and be the first alerted of an upcoming webinar, simply send an email to The next webinar will take place Thursday, June 13 at 11:00 a.m. CDT. Alyssa Vanderpool, local maps manager, will break down the recent updates that Google has made to its map system and detail what these changes may mean for internet marketing.


StorageAhead offers the most comprehensive web technology for the self storage industry. We give your business the competitive edge by providing the tools you need to boost your rentals and maximize your profits. With our personalized marketing websites, lead-generating search engines, and business management software, our professional team is dedicated to your brand. Together, our experience in online marketing and our knowledge of the industry is what makes our technologies – and your storage facility – succeed.

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