The short answer is, no, or at least not in the way you would automatically think. Although this may come as a surprise (social media is the latest, greatest thing, right?), there’s been no proof that it’s a cost effective way to gain leads in the self storage industry.

We’re not saying to completely ignore the social sphere, though. Social media can most certainly be beneficial (in a less direct way) in regards to your website’s organic search results.

Think “Social Media for SEO (Not Branding)”

When Google (or Bing, or Yahoo, etc) sees that your self storage/management company is active on Facebook (or Twitter, or Google+, etc), you’re rewarded with a higher rank on the SERPs. These sites carry a lot of weight with the search engines, particularly Google+ with, of course, Google. Let’s face it, a lot of public storage companies aren’t active at all, so bumping up your presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ a bit will help you stay ahead of the competition as far as SEO is concerned.

So How Active Should You Be?

So how should public storage operators stay active on social media sites? Here are the Storage Ahead social media team’s general rules:

  • Claim your appropriate domain name for Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for your overall corporate brand that points to your website (make an account for each individual storage facility is overkill).

  • Link your social sites to your websites, and your websites back to your social sites.

  • Give yourself a properly branded cover photo and profile picture.

  • Post about once a week with self storage industry keywords.

These small steps won’t drain much time away from running your self storage business, and you’ll be doing your website a favor.