This post was originally written by CJ Moore.

Here at StorageAhead, our capabilities stretch far beyond web-based marketing for the storage industry.

Sure, our specialties are sweet web design and search optimization for the niche market. But we’re always brainstorming new ways for our clients to fill their storage units. We strive to be diverse and flexible, so we can help our clients lure customers in off the streets—customers who don’t just rely on Google and 3G phones to find local space, but also rely on their noses.

And that’s where BSO comes in…

Bacon Scent Optimization

glorious, delicious framed bacon

What does bacon have to do with self storage marketing?

The question should be: “What  doesn’t  bacon have to do with self storage?”

Think about it: Who doesn’t love bacon?

I love bacon. I love consuming bacon. I love bacon bits. I love Canadian bacon. Back bacon. Filets wrapped in bacon. Chicken wrapped in bacon. Potatoes wrapped in bacon. Chocolate wrapped in bacon. Chocolate strawberries wrapped in bacon. Sometimes I take whatever leftovers I have in my fridge, wrap those in bacon, and BAM! I’ve got a fresh new meal with that rich, salty bacon flavor that can mask any stale, fridge-floppy food.

As much as I love the taste of bacon, you’d better believe I love the  smell  of bacon. That mouth-watering aroma is enough to stop anyone in his tracks.

Including your prospective self storage renter.

Let’s explore this reality and its implications for successful self storage marketing.

Most urban and suburban storage facilities are situated near busy streets. Prospective customers are all around, just driving along and thinking about all the stuff at home that they no longer have room for. Garden gnomes. Baby clothes. The turkey fryer.

How are you bringing those customers into your facility? How are you converting them to a rental? Do you think your strong brand name, highly visible signage and our amazing web marketing techniques are enough?

Accept it: You need bacon. You need BSO!

Bacon plus self storage equals profit

BSO is much simpler, faster, and funner to do than SEO. And you don’t even need bacon, so there’s no greasy mess! Here’s how:

Step One . Buy Bacōn, just $36 each plus shipping.

Step Two.  Walk around your facility and spray Bacōn all over the place.

Step Three.  Lather yourself in Bacōn (the cologne, not the food, weirdo). Walk around town. Soon, you’ll have a mass of people following you, kind of like when Forest Gump just started run-ning and people followed. Eventually, you’ll head back to your storage facility; the allure of the bacon will be too much for the people to pass up.

Step Four . Instead of closing the sale with a standard promo like “first month free,” offer a mouthwatering deal-sealer: A bottle of Bacōn with every signed contract.

Step Five.  Buy some real bacon for a celebratory feast like this one.

Step Six . Remember the company that steered you the right way: WebWorks.

BSO is the New SEO

Memorize it. Employ it. Bask in it.