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Our marketing websites provide a single solution to the most important aspects of your business. While our team understands web development inside and out, we know that your day-to-day tasks involve more than just your website — it involves payment processing, tenant insurance, and much more. We have a thorough and well-rounded perspective of the industry, enabling us to truly understand and simplify your experience. Our self storage websites do more than draw in leads (but they certainly do that, too). They makes your life simpler and offer a better product, hands down.

Switching to a storEDGE website is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads, improve your ROI, drive higher occupancy rates, and increase your facility’s revenue. Our business tools minimize your cost per lead while providing a beautiful and functional website to show off your brand.

We manage websites for a combined total of more than 2,000 storage facilities nationwide!

We’re focused on the self storage industry exclusively, which results in products that are geared specifically toward your needs and your customers’ needs.

Getting started is easy. Simply contact or call (913) 954-4110. You’re also welcome to schedule a demo by filling out this form.


Data is the lifeblood of your business, and having access to every lead that your website generates is extremely valuable from an ROI standpoint. That’s why every visit, every phone call, every reservation, and every coupon print is tracked and recorded in the back-end admin of your website. You can view lead activity per facility by month, referring source, and more, and choose to be notified by email every time a lead comes in. We weren’t kidding around when we said you could analyze every lead!

We take several steps to provide a website that’s completely unique to your brand. You can customize a variety of features, including colors, images, logos, and backgrounds. Meanwhile, our writers create 100% original content based on your facility features and location.

Search engines and customers alike love it when your facility is accurately displayed on maps. Self storage, as you know, is a location-centric business, with more than 80% of users shopping from their mobile devices. Our goal is to earn your site multiple links on the front page of search results in both organic and local maps listings. Our local maps specialists will guide you through the process of claiming your listings with sites like Google and Bing, allowing you to reach the largest target audience in your local market.

Ultimately, we believe that most of the best SEO efforts stand the test of time. After all, sites that consistently seek to provide an exceptional experience for their users tend to be favored by Google, even through algorithm changes. Still, search engine optimization tweaks over time. With an in-house SEO expert and a company-wide mission to understand developing trends inside and out, we allow ourselves the flexibility to make changes as needed so that your site is always at the forefront of SEO best practices.

Many of our customers see an increase in their rankings after switching to a website with storEDGE. While the process of climbing to the first spot in search takes time and effort, our team takes every step we can to improve your site’s visibility.

We take many different steps to boost your profits. First, we design websites exclusively for self storage, resulting in a product that’s catered to the storage renter. Beautiful design, relevant information, and clean site structure are some of the factors that contribute to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


You can choose who has access to the back-end of your website and you can even establish specific permissions for each user.

Yes you can! For instance, if you’re an owner of multiple facilities, you can easily allow managers to view data for their respective properties without sharing company-wide data with a large audience.

You’re welcome to set up as many users as you’d like at no additional charge. We do recommend that you only establish accounts for company personnel to maintain the security of your data.

We release product updates without requiring you to do anything on your end! If there’s something you would like added to your site, you can contact your account manager or simply log in and make your changes.

While our product works with any browser, we recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.

You do! Whether you transfer an existing domain to the platform or you purchase a new one, you maintain ownership.

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, provides a secure connection between your website and internet browsers. We want to ensure that your data is safe and secure, which is why we utilize SSL certificates for each of our clients.

We integrate with other software to the best extent possible. For the most seamless experience and ultimate integration, take advantage of our cloud-based and easy-to-use management software.

Setup & Support

We’re a well oiled machine at this point, supporting more than 2,000 facilities. As soon as we get all the required information from your end, the turnaround time is pretty quick. We aim to launch your site within two weeks of contract signature, and we can move faster or slower according to your specific needs.

Your set-up fee includes the building and launching of your website, which involves content population, 301 redirects, domain transfer, tracked phone number set-up, site design, and mobile set-up.

Your monthly fee covers our ongoing research and development for the entire website platform. Specific services include website hosting, local listings and map management, hosting server costs, ongoing SEO and content updates (as necessary), a personal account manager, unlimited support, your mobile site, and a tracked facility phone number with unlimited minutes.

Your personal account manager will guide you through every step of the setup process.

We’re by your side as long as you need us! Your account manager will work with you from day one to ensure that your site is performing the way you want it to. Whether you have questions or concerns one day or several years after your site launches, we’re here for you.

With a quick phone call or email to your account manager, you’ll receive the personalized assistance you need.

Our exceptional customer service comes standard! We work one-on-one with you for no charge. We’re happy to assist you.

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