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Meet Mary.

Mary is your full-time storage facility manager. Her daily schedule involves renting available units, selling to new leads, and assisting current customers. She uses our storage management software to run your property seamlessly.

8:00 AM

Start The Day
Off Right

Upon logging into her cloud-based account, Mary can access everything she needs to make a plan for the day, using the dashboard to view a snapshot of the facility’s activity.

The dashboard displays an overview of all facility activity
8:06 AM

Facility Tasks

Yesterday, Mary scheduled maintenance, unit cleaning, and follow-up with prospective customers. With your management software, today she'll stay on track to complete important tasks efficiently.

The task list is color coded and easy to navigate
8:30 AM

View Unit

Mary begins her morning rounds with tablet in hand. As she inspects the property, she can check the size, price, and tenant listed for each storage unit. She takes notes as she goes and follows up on the office computer without skipping a beat.

10:00 AM
A pop-up displays incoming calls and saved contact information

Incoming Calls

A new lead calls the office and leaves a voicemail. The management software saves it to the system, allowing Mary to pull up the lead, return the call, and edit information as she learns more about the prospective tenant.

12:28 PM


When a renter comes in and asks for a new lock, Mary takes his payment quickly and securely. The transaction is completed instantly and can be reviewed anytime.

1:00 PM
Click Move-in or Move-out from anywhere in the software

Move in and out,

A customer enters the office to complete his scheduled move-out. Mary clicks the “move-out” button and finds his information. Once she confirms that the space is inspected and vacated, unit 374 instantly converts to an available space for the next customer.

3:20 PM
A pop-up collects all lead information and saves it for later

Make Every
Lead Count

A college student found one of your flyers on campus and walks into the office to learn more. Mary gets his contact information and selects his desired move-in date. The student is now saved in the system as a reservation and Mary is ready for him come move-in day.

3:55 PM
Our revenue management tool is visual and makes future projections easy


Mary is focused on improving the facility’s long-term value and monthly profits. She organizes upcoming rate changes by unit type and occupancy status and watches the user-friendly graph adjust accordingly — giving her complete control over the yield management process.

4:05 PM
Set and change permissions for each user in one simple place

Control What
Users Can Do

Because Mary’s account has the ability to create new users, she can prepare for the new employee who starts tomorrow. She follows your protocol and sets up an account that restricts the employee from accessing high-level information and actions.

5:12 PM
Choose your report and your date range, and your report will generate in minutes


As Mary begins to close the office, she generates reports that detail the day’s activity and income. In a matter of minutes, she’s ready to boost your storage facility’s profits tomorrow.

6:00 PM

Whenever, Wherever

Mary closes down for the night and you want to check up on the property’s activity. You simply log in to your storEDGE account from your computer, where you see detailed reports covering every action. Mary’s day was organized and efficient, which translates to a professional and profitable day at your storage facility.

And that's not all.

We can't possibly cover every feature our software has to offer. But we can supply you with answers to our most frequently asked questions and a free tour to click around yourself.