Management Software



Your dashboard is the hub of your facility. You’ll view a helpful snapshot of lead and tenant activity, occupancy rates, and current delinquencies.


Keep track of your tenants throughout every step of their self storage experience. Add notes about contact information as well as billing and renting history.

Wonder Search

Use the wonder search to find the information you need. Type in a name, phone number, unit, note, task item, or just about anything to sift through your data quickly.

Task List

The task list is a project manager’s dream. Create, assign, and manage any task that needs follow-up and you’ll enhance productivity before you know it.


No matter which part of the management software you’re currently viewing, you can complete the entire move-in or move-out process quickly and conveniently.


As you vie for the business of your incoming leads, keep track of every action along the way. Add information as you learn it and use with every conversation.

Hover Cards

When you want to learn more about a particular lead, tenant, or unit, simply hover over the data. You can view current status and details from anywhere.


For any storage unit at your facility, you can analyze its tenant history, a list of its amenities, current pricing, upcoming reservations, and much more.


Our management software includes adjustable tax rates, ad hoc invoices, push rates, and facility specials — all of which can be invoiced automatically or manually.


With 100% cloud-based services, you won’t need any special hardware. Access your storage facility’s data from any device, whether you’re on or off the premises.


Run daily, weekly, and monthly reports that display the information you need to make your business decisions. You can even generate custom reports with just a few clicks.

Facility Switching

When you own multiple facilities, it’s important to be able to jump between them quickly. Use the management software to view the information you’re looking for without logging out.


Your storage facility has a lot to offer. Whether your customer needs to buy packing supplies and a lock or rent a moving truck, you can keep track of inventory with ease.


You know what system works best for you and your team. Any user can input notes on any piece of data, helping you keep track of what matters most.


With all your company data in one convenient place, you may want to limit what each user can do. Set up custom user permissions to protect high-level and confidential information.


Want to tweak your user management or facility, unit, and billing settings? Hop over to your settings page and make changes as often as you need to.

Yield Management

Operate our user-friendly yield management tool to adjust and schedule rate changes for both incoming and current tenants. Use the graphs to watch your profits increase.­­­­­­­­­­­


When customers fall behind on rent, utilize our management software through every step of delinquency, from sending reminder emails to filing official lien notices.­­