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The Rental Center is an add-on to our storEDGE management software. It allows renters to view and rent available units, manage account settings, schedule move-outs, and view and sign lease agreements, all without the need for staff involvement.

The storEDGE Rental Center is entirely cloud based, meaning that a customer can complete a move-in on any device with an internet connection. Any actions completed in the Rental Center will update in your storage management software almost instantly. Just like the management software, the Rental Center doesn’t require any specific hardware and product updates are released automatically. It’s extremely easy to use, so say goodbye to lengthy manuals and hours spent on the phone with support!

Plenty! Perhaps the most important is the ability for customers to move in. They can select their facility, view your unit sizes and and features, choose their space, enter their contact information, set up their gate code, pay for their rental, add promo codes, and review and sign their lease. Along with all the steps involved in moving into their unit, your customers can rent another space, move out, and update their account information, billing information, contacts, and preferences. The Rental Center keeps record of all their current rentals, allowing your customers to view lease documents, unit rates, and their next payment due date for each unit they rent with you.

One of the best features of the Rental Center is the fact that your customers can use it on any device! They can access it through your website with their personal computer, smart phone, or tablet. You also have the option to secure a tablet at your property, allowing customers to visit your facility anytime to complete their transactions.

No worries! Some facilities prefer having a self-serve station, while others don’t. Your customers will still have plenty of ways to access the Rental Center through their own device if you choose not to set up a device at your property.

Customers can complete the entire move-in process through the Rental Center, and it’ll even update in your self storage management software. From viewing and signing the lease to paying for the month of rent, the Rental Center allows your customers to complete every step you’d walk them through if they were in your office.

All you have to do is upload the lease that you use for your storage units. When your customer is moving in through the Rental Center, they will view the lease and have an opportunity to read through it. In order to finish the process, the customer must sign the lease, which is then saved in your storage unit management software. The customer can log in to the Rental Center anytime to view leases for each of their units. It couldn’t be simpler!

Super important question. Customers can use debit and credit cards or ACH/eCheck to pay for their unit in the Rental Center. They’ll enter in all the information needed for a secure payment, including billing address, name, and card number or routing number and account number, as necessary. The Rental Center utilizes storEDGE Payment Processing, so any transactions completed within it are secure and go through just as they would in your office.

The Rental Center is extremely secure, which we know is important for both you and your customers (especially since money is involved). Just like your storage management software, we back up all information in our secure server. Should you choose to set up a self-serve station at your facility, you can lock tenants out of other applications on the tablet and set up a timeout, which will log the user out after a set time of inactivity on the device.

It sure does! That’s actually one of the things our customers love about it. The information your customer views is pulled straight from your storEDGE management software, ensuring that what they see is always accurate. The opposite is true, as well: as customers complete actions in the Rental Center, they’ll update the appropriate fields in your management software!

Because both the Rental Center and the management software are cloud based and designed to work together quickly, any actions completed in the Rental Center will reflect in your self storage management software (and vice versa) almost immediately. The tenant record will be added, the unit will display as occupied rather than vacant, and the payment will show up in transaction history and reports.

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Our Rental Center™ smoothly connects your website and software to your customers. That means online move-ins and self-service, 24/7.