Happy Halloween! Today’s blog post is about self storage hauntings in honor of All Hallows’ Eve. Whether you’ve experienced something paranormal that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or you’re a firm believer in the logical, you’re bound to be creeped out by these tall tales about ghastly self storage encounters with the dead. Grab a handful of your favorite trick-or-treat candy and check it out below!

Empty self storage facilities can be creepy at night, even downright spooky. In fact, the Armadillo Self Storage facility is considered one of the most haunted places in Sheffield, England. While the facility isn’t old, there used to be an old cinema where Armadillo Self Storage now stands, and eerie sightings have been tied to its former manager, Mr. Porter. There have been several sightings of the late Mr. Porter at Armadillo Self Storage, sometimes appearing as a strange, ethereal vision, flashing lights, vibrations in the floor, or simply an old man walking around the facility. Mr. Porter used to run the projector at the cinema, and on several occasions, strange sounds have been heard coming from the old projector room.

A pair of jack-o-lanterns glowing in the dark.

Another renovated building, the Guaranty Income Life and Broadcasting Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is also known by locals and fans of the paranormal to be haunted. This building used to be the Baton Rouge General Hospital, and is now an office building with self storage space on the bottom floor for businesses storage purposes. When the building was a hospital, the bottom floor housed the morgue. While this is creepy enough, many security guards who’ve monitored the building late at night have reported feeling a sudden, intense chill in the air in the spot where the morgue freezer used to be on the self storage floor. Security guards have also recounted hearing bizarre sounds coming from this area, and the elevators have been known to go up and down on their own after everyone has left for the day.

A spooky haunted house in the mist.

Many self storage managers have told stories of their own spooky encounters with the paranormal on the Self-Storage Talk forum. One manager recounted a time when she was in the back office looking for something when she heard someone say “hello” in the storage office. She called out and went up to the front office and no one was there. After checking the monitor and gate logs, it showed no one had been on or off the property.

Another self storage manager has repeatedly seen the form a person standing in the hallway of a building during grounds checks on the golf cart. When she looks again, the figure is always mysteriously gone. Even scarier? The other managers have also seen the figure when they’re checking the property in the evenings. (Yikes!)

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I love a good spooky story. Next time you’re strolling around your self storage property at night, you’d better bring a flashlight, and maybe a ghostbuster, too!

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