Three cheers for self storage blogs! There are tons of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits to having a well-kept blog on your self storage website. A blog can you help you rank better in search engines, bring in new renters, win tenants from competitors, get more followers on social media, and much, much more. You don’t have to be a pro storage blogger to create helpful content for your renters - all you really need is an idea and a laptop to get started!

If you’re not super gung-ho about blogging, that’s okay - take the short quiz below to find out if your storage business really needs a blog. Be sure to keep track of your earned points for each question. When you’re finished, tally up all your points to get your score and find out whether or not you should be blogging for your self storage business.

Let’s begin!

1. My storage business’s marketing website is currently ranking....

      Really well! (1 point)

      Meh, could be better. (3 points)

      Not well. (5 points)

Why it matters:

Blogs are great SEO-boosters! If your website’s search engine ranking could use a little help, a blog is a great way to do that for your storage business at no extra cost to you. By having helpful, user-focused content on your blog that also relates back to your storage business, you’ll be able to rank higher for relevant keywords and help users find your website, leading to more rentals and money in your pocket.

2. True or False: My storage facility has specialized offerings like climate controlled units, RV and boat storage, business storage, or student storage.

      True! (3 points)

      False. (1 point)

Why it matters:

If you’re offering climate controlled spaces, RV and boat storage, or other amenity-rich storage options, a keyword strategy could help you rank above traditional self storage businesses to target renters looking for your specific offerings. Search queries are getting more and more specific - renters who know they want climate control are more likely to search “climate controlled storage near me” than “self storage near me,” so it’s smart to write blog content geared toward the more specific query to rise above any competitors that don’t offer climate controlled options. If you have RV and boat parking, you could write a blog about how to get your RV or boat ready for the summer season. For climate controlled spaces, you could write about the benefits of climate control or which items need climate control the most. For student storage, you could write about tips for moving in and out of a dorm room or the right size space for college students. The options are endless!

3. My storage business is in a ________ market.

      Tertiary or underserved market. (1 point)

      Secondary or mid-range competitive market. (3 points)

      Primary or very saturated market. (5 points)

Why it matters:

The more competitive your market is, the more you’ll need to do to stand out from the crowd. Many metro areas are currently at risk of being overbuilt. When supply exceeds renter demand, your self storage business has to work harder to differentiate yourself and stand out online - and a blog is a great way to do that. You can boost your search engine rank with blog content that is helpful to renters and contains keywords for self storage services you offer.

4. True or False: Overall, I feel like my community trusts my self storage business to be helpful and do what’s best for them.

      True! (1 points)

      False. (5 points)

Why it matters:

As a new storage business, it’s important to build trust with the community. You want renters to view your business as secure, knowledgeable about the best ways to move and store common items, and helpful to people in your community. You can use a blog to provide renters with tips on how to store common items that are fun to write about, like wedding dresses, records, kids’ seasonal clothes, Christmas decor, and more. You can also get more local with topics like, “How to store your Vikings fan gear,” “How to prepare your storage unit for a Chicago winter,” and “Moving to the burbs of Denver to save on rent? 7 ways to declutter your space before the move.” It’s all about having a positive impact!

5. I feel that my business’s current marketing is reaching our target leads...

      Very effectively. (1 point)

      Effectively. (3 points)

      Not effectively. (5 points)

Why it matters:

When you spend money on marketing, you want to be sure it’s working. Whether your goal is to bring in more renters from a nearby town, get more RV and boat units rented, or fill your newly-built climate controlled units, your self storage marketing needs to be helping you meet those goals in a measurable way. While there is a lot of benefit to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, they can get expensive if you’re working with a small budget. If you’re not pleased with the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts, starting a blog is a great way to improve. You’ll be able to target specific keywords (for nearby cities, types of people, population groups, and so on) and help your website rank for search terms that will lead to new rentals.

6. True or False: Nearby landmarks (like national parks, universities, or points of interest) help bring in business to my storage facility.

      True! (3 points)

      False. (1 point)

Why it matters:

In some areas, searches for landmarks are even more popular than town names! (For example, “RV storage near Yellowstone National Park” or “student storage near Texas A&M.”) Local SEO is a great way to boost your website’s effectiveness online. For example, if you’re offering RV and boat storage, you’ll want to be found in searches for self storage near your local rivers, lakes, camping, and national park areas. You can write blog posts that include small hints at local landmarks (like “The best (and worst) times of the year to go RVing in the Smoky Mountains” or “10 insider tips to make TAMU move-in weekend a breeze”).


Ready to find out how you did? Drum roll please...

Score of 9 or less: A blog is not a must for your storage business.

Nice work! Your self storage business is killing it at online marketing. A blog is not a must-have for your storage facility, but you can always keep the option in your back pocket if your business ever needs a little boost online. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Score of 10-15: You could benefit from a blog on your storage website.

Well, well, well. You’re right in the middle, my friend. That’s pretty good! While you might not need a blog for your self storage business, it wouldn’t hurt to try it out to boost your online marketing return on investment (ROI) and get more out of your website. Don’t be shy about blogging!

Score of 16 or more: You should definitely start blogging!

Womp, womp. On the plus side, your score means your web marketing efforts have lots of room for improvement. You’re the ideal candidate for a self storage blog - and it’s easy and free to get started! If you have a storEDGE website, all you’ll need to do is create a new page on your site for your blog, start writing to your target audience, and watch your marketing ROI improve. You can totally do this! We’ll help you every step of the way.

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