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Management Software Features

Our software integrates seamlessly with your website and comes fully loaded with dozens of innovative, timesaving features.

Built-in Functionality

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Fully integrated tenant management and lead relationship management. Tenant profiles include detailed customer statuses, full interaction history, important notes and documents, and payment profiles.

Advanced Call Tracking

Receive a dedicated tracked phone line that forwards to your property. Automatic screen pops pull associated tenant balance and status information and offer the ability to create new contacts. Inbound calls from your website are stored as recordings on the appropriate tenant or lead record. Add additional lines to track all your inbound leads across various marketing sources (add-on).

Two-way Texting

Unlimited texting, no added cost. Easily send event driven texts such as delinquency. Plus, tenants can text directly into the facility, notifying managers with a screen pop notification so they can text back to the same tracked phone number immediately. Managers can text tenants on-the-fly from inside the software. More...

Two-way Email

Unlimited email, no added cost. Easily email tenants from within the software by simply clicking on the tenant’s email address, and enable tenants to respond to automated emails like delinquency and rate changes. Receive instant notifications of new email replies and automatically archive email histories for quick access.

Electronic Signature Capture (E-sign)

Provide your facility with traditional, in-office e-sign capabilities, or utilize patented technology to link with any nearby device. Allow your customers to e-sign using an iPad, their smartphone, or any device with a wifi connection. Also allows managers to send documents via email and text (requires texting) for remote signature. More...

Automatic Email Tracking

Over 28 states allow for digital compliance with lien notices. The software allows you to monitor who opened the email, when, and for how long, meeting legal requirements for the industry. All emails are tracked regardless if they are certified or not.

Custom Dashboard

Unlock data across your entire business portfolio, including software, website, operations, and marketing data. Plus, customize your own panels, filters, and style to tailor your data dashboard to your unique needs.

Auction Manager

Manage your ready-to-auction units. Schedule and process auctions, automatically send auction notices meeting your state's lien laws, and easily move-out tenants after auction sales, all within your software. More...

Reviews Manager

Manage reviews that your customers leave on your storEDGE website in one organized place. Approve or deny reviews to show on your website and respond to customer reviews from in your software. More...

Image Capture

Use any device running the software to upload or capture images of clients, documents, units, vehicle information, or even proof of identification. All files are stored on tenant and unit profiles for future access. More...

Revenue Management

Schedule automatic rate increases for existing tenants based on length of stay. Determine automatic pricing adjustments for vacant units based on occupancy. Or simply use the import / export tool to manually make changes across the organization.

Automated Communications

Event driven emails, texts, and printable documents are generated by the system for all tasks including invoices, delinquency, and rate increases. Use built-in mail house services to automate postal mail communications for any task or event (add-on). Template customization available in your settings.

Customizable Delinquency

Create as many delinquency stages as needed to trigger events and send reminders, including emails, documents, text messages, or postal mail using mail house services (add-on). Complete stages manually or automatically.

Automated Reporting

Manually run a plethora of industry standard reports at any time. Use your automated reporting engine to automatically send out reports to specified emails on daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals.

Facility Map

The most robust facility map builder in the industry. Allows you to perform all management functions from the map, including move-ins, move-outs, transfers and payments. Complete map setup available at $0.50 per unit. More...

Third Party Integration

Integration is included for all major gate, kiosk, insurance, and call center providers. Confirm your third party providers with your Client Success Specialist.

Online Rental Center™

Allow your prospective tenants to complete the move-in process remotely, including e-signing leases, assigning gate codes, processing online payments, and managing tenant accounts. Run the Rental Center™ on any web-enabled device inside or outside for self-service. More...

Usability Perks

100% Cloud Based

Access your software from any device with an internet connection simply by visiting and entering your credentials to log in. Any time, any place you need it.


Capability to search your entire facility database by character or number. Quickly find what you need using an intelligent search window with recommended similar results.


Leave in the middle of a move-in to take another customer's payment or call with ease. When you return, your move-in progress is right where you left it.


Consistent color coding is used throughout the system for units, tenants, and invoices to denote statuses. It's easy to distinguish what is delinquent, occupied, available, reserved and unrentable at a glance.


Hover your mouse pointer over any tenant, unit, invoice, or reservation to preview an instant pop up of the most pertinent information. One more click loads full details.

Single Login

Access the entire platform and multiple-facilities from a single login. Create unlimited accounts and customize each user’s abilities. With your permission, users can quickly move between facilities with the click of a button.

User management

Create unlimited users with defined roles and permissions. Customize what facilities users can access, lock management settings, hide sensitive business information, and more - using pre-set user roles.

Built-in Notifications

Receive real-time alerts in your software for new updates, feature releases or important news. Click through to view article and video tutorials and quickly learn new functionality. More...

Setup and Support


Our Client Success team will work with you to establish settings, arrange payment processing, review third party interfaces, and upload your data.

24/7 Online Support

Take advantage of the industry’s best help articles and videos at your disposal around the clock at

Phone and Email Support

Monday through Friday phone support from 8am - 5pm CST. Plus, 24 hour inbox for emails received by

Regular Updates

storEDGE practices continuous deployment. New features and updates are added on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. Since the technology is 100% cloud based, you’ll simply receive a notification of the new feature and instantly receive enhancements as they are added.

Available Add-ons

+ Mail House

Automatically send postcards, letters, and certified mail based on events and triggers in the software. Simply pay as you go.

+ Additional Tracked Lines

Create additional tracked phone lines to supercharge your ability to track inbound leads. Add as many tracked lines to your facility as you want to hone in on where leads are coming from and streamline your marketing efforts.

Marketing Website Features

Our deluxe websites fully integrate with your software and offer industry-leading functionality for all users.

Built-in Functionality

Fluid-responsive Design (mobile)

Your website adjusts to your users’ screen size, platform and device orientation to provide a smooth experience, every time. Flexible grids and intelligent CSS media queries adjust your design on the fly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Proper content tagging, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, and clean links optimize your website to rank as high as possible in search results.

Professional SEO Content

We’ll highlight your facility’s differentiators in custom content written specifically for your brand by a member from our team. Optimized with the right keywords, used at the right frequency.

Google My Business Optimization

Google’s ability to drive nearby, in-market users to your business is the most effective digital marketing asset in the self-storage industry. Our storEDGE SEO specialists will make sure your Google My Business listing is successfully claimed, verified, and optimized to maximize your success.

Customer Reviews

Capture and display reviews left by your customers on your storEDGE website. Gain fresh SEO content to help your website ranking, hook new leads, and keep a pulse on your customers’ satisfaction levels. More...

Pay Online

After renting a unit, allow your tenants to pay online, change payment methods, view documents, and browse account history from their personal Rental Center™ login, accessible from your website.

Online Reservations

Your unit pricing and inventory updates in real-time to allow your website visitors the freedom to reserve a unit at any time. Contact your sales representative for full integration capabilities.

Lead Notifications

Create custom calls to action and receive email notifications for incoming calls or form submissions like inquiries, coupons, and reservations. Then, track and manage all incoming leads from your admin dashboard.

Free Website Hosting

Your site is hosted for free on fast, secure, and reliable Amazon servers. Choose your very own domain and retain ownership at all times.

Standard Website Pages

We design responsive website pages tailored to your brand to get you results. Your site will include a home, facility, pay online, and contact page.

Content Management System (CMS)

Update and maintain your website using your account login that provides access to a user-friendly content editor. Upload your own logo, visuals, facility photos, and content at your convenience.

Google Analytics Integration

Your website is connected with the ever-popular Google Analytics to offer even more detailed statistics, conversion tracking, and sales metrics.

Setup and Support


Your personal account manager will work with you to translate the data you provide in our client information form to a finished website.

Expert Account Managers

Contact our website support team for instructional guidance and inquiries about how to best utilize your website features.

Phone and Email Support

Monday through Friday phone support from 8am - 5pm CST. Plus, 24 hour inbox for emails received by

Regular Updates

storEDGE practices continuous deployment. New features and updates are added on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. Since the technology is 100% cloud based, you’ll simply receive a notification of the new feature and instantly receive enhancements as they are added.

Available Add-ons

+ SEO Audit

Scan your off-page and on-page SEO assets and organic traffic metrics to highlight potential areas of improvement in your SEO strategy.

+ SEO Services

Have confidence, knowing our team is continuously fine-tuning to make sure your website is operating with current SEO best practices and capturing as many leads as possible.

+ Local Listings Management

storEDGE’s listings and citation management team publishes your business information across dozens of key directories and data providers, and then monitors those listings to ensure they stay accurate.

+ Paid Media Services

The storEDGE marketing team is a performance-driven group that knows how to market self-storage online better than anyone in the industry. We’ll apply that intel to your paid media campaigns, targeting the behaviors and keywords prospective tenants use to find self-storage solutions.

All plans come with free support from the best specialists in the industry. You’ll never have to tackle technology issues alone. In addition to an online library of support articles videos, enjoy personalized support from real software and website experts on our team.


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