Longtime Client’s Dedication to Customer Service is Boosted with New Technology

Since 1993, Eagle Self Storage of Temple, Texas has been proudly serving its customers by providing the exceptional service and features that make the self storage experience easier. In its 22 years of operation, Eagle Self Storage has added new spaces to its property, enhanced its security measures, and focused its efforts on becoming #1 in customer service for their area.

In his quest toward offering these new improvements, owner Rick Bandas scoured the industry to find a web service solution that not only gave his team the tools they needed to make the most of each tenant’s move, but also helped the business run more smoothly overall. I was lucky enough to speak with Rick about his company, the ways that storEDGE has been helping him build a better business for the last three years, and his plans for the future of Eagle Self Storage.

Uncovering the Best Solution

All companies have to begin somewhere, and Eagle Self Storage is no different. Having spent the better half of two decades working with management and marketing solutions that were slowly becoming more and more outdated, the time finally came for Rick to search for something new that could offer his business more flexibility in the ways it assisted customers and, therefore, better overall customer service.

“When I first realized that we would need a website, we worked with a local programmer to get the thing up and running,” said Rick. “That original version worked for a while, but eventually we understood that doing it all ourselves had certain limitations that we wouldn’t be able to overcome. We decided we’d be better off letting an outside company handle all the details.”

When it comes to third party web marketing services, there are lots of options out there for storage operators, a fact that Rick soon became all too aware of. Visiting industry trade shows, flipping through self storage publications, and doing some internet research presented him with a wide range of companies, all vying to show that their product was the best possible answer to his needs. The fact of the matter, though, was that Rick was looking for specific, advanced features that could immediately start boosting his business, including the ability to gain a significant presence in the increasingly competitive online market.

Said Rick: “In looking through the options, I found that storEDGE offered what I saw as the more advanced features that I needed in a platform. The ability to list my unit sizes and prices stood out to me in those early years as a feature that could really help my team convert potential customers.”

After being fully set up with a storEDGE website, complete with all the analytics, lead tracking, and SEO features they needed, Eagle Self Storage was able to continue its trend of successful customer-focused transactions.

Making a Difference Through Advanced Technology

One of the major selling points that Rick was looking for in choosing a new web service provider was the ability to immediately make a difference in how his business was run. The platform in question could include any number of bells and whistles, but if he didn’t see that it could change the overall day-to-day and make the duties of his managers easier, then he wasn’t interested.

Call Recording Increases Conversions

“Our team has always been effective at converting calls,” Rick stated when asked about how his business has seen improvement through updated web services, “but with the added feature of call recording, we can concentrate on making our customer service efforts more focused.”

New technology allows each call to be recorded and reviewed for customer service purposes. This feature means that Eagle Self Storage’s management team can keep up with how each team member is handling calls and learn new ways to better convert a phone call lead. By analyzing what methods are effective in comparison to what methods are not, interactions over the phone have become more concise and more successful.

“It has also cut down on complaints,” said Rick. “When we are able to keep tabs on our team’s responses to customers, everyone wins. It keeps customers and my employees honest.”

Greater Occupancy Rates Promote Growth

The SEO benefits of new web services has put Eagle Self Storage on the map, bringing in new leads from a direct customer-to-website interaction. A combination of their excellent customer service practices and new leads has kept the occupancy level of Rick’s facility at a constant 80-90% for the last few years.

This constant percentage in occupancy rates brought increased profit, thereby prompting Rick to look into new property in order to expand his business. The new, nearby property added to the already existing 60,000 square feet of space and was equipped with heightened security measures like CCTV and electronic gate systems. These additions were eventually installed at the old location as well, bringing the customers of Eagle Self Storage a safer storage experience.

Rick was also able to purchase a third property next door to the original. Said Rick: “We have the opportunity to expand further, if the need arises. It’s tough to do that in today’s market, so being ready when the time comes is being one step ahead.”

Added Convenience Through Updated Features

Allowing customers to take complete charge of their move-in and unit is a big factor in attracting new potential tenants. Although the web services used by Eagle Self Storage were already doing a lot to build customer independence, new updates to the platform continue to make their customers’ lives easier. For instance, the ability for customers to pay their bills online allows tenants to pay their bill from any device with access to the internet.

Finding the right unit size for the project is important to not overpaying or running out of room during a move. With the storage calculator available on Eagle Self Storage’s website, customers can figure out the size they need quickly, all without speaking to an employee. This tool puts customers in complete control of one of the largest parts of the rental process.

Three Years and Counting

Choosing web services that are designed to assist both your business and your customers is important to providing a higher level of customer service than your competitors. Rick Bandas has long understood this fact and has stuck with storEDGE for the last three years without any intention of leaving.

“I don’t always make good decisions,” he said, “but choosing to work with storEDGE for my web services was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

Continuing the Trend

For Eagle Self Storage, the focus has always been to provide their customers with the tools they need to make their time on the property as productive as possible. Rick’s business savvy has prepared him with the knowledge that the market and the products he needs to stay ahead are always changing. Choosing a web services provider that could continue to give them updates, build a web presence, and build a better overall customer experience was well worth the investment. This strategy will help his company continue to grow and remain the #1 choice in the Temple, Texas market for years to come.