The Lowdown on the Merger

Wait, what happened?

If you haven’t seen our latest announcement, SpareFoot and SiteLink have merged with storEDGE because our teams shared the vision of providing an all-inclusive technology solution for storage operators.

Why did storEDGE do this?

We're always looking for ways to create a better platform and better experience for our customers. But operator success is our core mission, and we believe more choices, more people, more money, and more seamlessness between platforms will make your business thrive. Between SpareFoot's Google SEO and lead generation expertise, SiteLink's market depth, knowledge, and experience, and our modern technology and processes, we believe we can provide the true end-to-end solution this industry is missing.

Are you planning to raise prices?

We have no current plans to raise prices. Our prices will always be a reflection of the value we provide to your business and we'll evaluate pricing on an ongoing basis.

Will I be working with the same point of contact and same leadership?

Yes. Your primary contacts are unchanged and you'll still work with the same teams at all three companies. Dan Miller will remain President of storEDGE, reporting directly to Chuck Gordon, CEO.

What about my data?

You own your data - that has been and will continue to be the case. There are no planned changes to how we currently treat your data, and you should continue to use your data to make informed decisions about your business. Together, we’re committed to maintaining the same standard of data integrity that storEDGE has set.

Does SpareFoot have access to my data?

If you’ve already authorized SpareFoot to access a set of API channels to integrate with storEDGE to eliminate manual work and enable automatic syncing between platforms, there's no change to that configuration. Should you choose to work with SpareFoot in the future, you'll have the same option to authorize SpareFoot to access that set of API channels. You will not be required to do so now.

Will I be required to use certain products now or in the future?

Flexibility and choice are principles that we hold to be extremely important, so there are no plans to force anyone to use a specific product or service. But further integrating and investing in the combined technologies across our teams will present you with unique features and value unparalleled in the industry that we believe you'll almost certainly want to choose.

Is there still a lawsuit between storEDGE and SiteLink?

Rest assured, any conflict between our two companies is resolved. As we eliminate existing restrictions between platforms and start to build new and better integrations, the experience of working with SiteLink and storEDGE will now be easier and more seamless than ever.

Is storEDGE able to use the SiteLink API?

We're working toward offering a more seamless experience for our clients and will share our plans for increased functionality as they develop.

What's going to happen next?

We’re still committed to bridging fragmentation gaps and providing a comprehensive solution that unifies the manager and consumer experience. Except now, we’ll be able to create options for you that we couldn’t before. Our customers will continue to have a seat at the table as we continue innovating and building. We welcome any questions or concerns to our team at

Where can I find the press release?

You’re only one click away. Visit for the official announcement.

Who can answer my other questions?

We’d be happy address any additional questions, comments or concerns at You can additionally reach the other teams at and

Can I talk to your team in person?

Yes! We’ll be camped out in Booth #638 at the SSA Fall Trade Show in Las Vegas on September 9/4-7. We’ll also be in Dallas, Texas at the TSSA Big Ideas Conference on October 7-9, 2018 in Booth #405. Stop by - we’d love to meet you!

How can I continue to receive updates about news at storEDGE?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram - and subscribe to our monthly email digest.

How can I find out more about storEDGE technology?

We’ll happily provide a free demo of our current management software, marketing websites, customer rental center, and our latest integrated tools. We’re giddy about how much more we’ll be able to offer soon! Interested? Request a free demo and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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