If you’ve ever checked out a demo of storEDGE software or websites, you’ve probably talked to one of the self storage experts on our technology sales team. Working out of our Kansas City headquarters, they walk interested self storage owners and managers just like you through our software’s most-loved and most-asked-about features and show you what’s behind the pretty screens of our marketing websites. Our storEDGE sales team uses their wealth of knowledge to answer both product and general self storage questions, and they’re always willing to offer their two cents on how other self storage owners use various technology tools to run their businesses efficiently.

For some lucky owners, the self storage technology expert that picks up the phone, answers their questions, and demos our stellar products is storEDGE Sales Representative, Paul Gill. As one of our most seasoned sales team members and a frequent flier at industry trade shows, Paul is a true self storage expert with tons of experience in technology and marketing for new builds, and there’s no one better to chat with about the latest series on Netflix. In this Meet Team storEDGE interview, he shares his career story, the top item on his bucket list, and the most important thing he’s learned working in sales.

Name: Paul Gill

Department: Sales

Started at storEDGE: September 2014

You’ve been at storEDGE longer than most of us! Can you tell me what you were doing before as well as how you got to storEDGE?

Like most people in self storage, my journey to this industry was a bit unusual. When I graduated college, I accepted a position in retail management which I know, Jana, you and I share in common. (Woot woot.) After my first child was born, I took a step back and landed a role in event marketing (which is what I got my degree in) with a non-profit here in Kansas City. That led me to an event marketing role with a large software company in 2012. That was my first taste of SaaS marketing and I’ve been hooked since then, eventually ending up at storEDGE in 2014.

Which skills from your roots in marketing helped you transition to sales?

For me, it’s always important to think about perspective when selling our platform - understanding what appeals to the customer and having that marketing background in my DNA has been extremely helpful. From an event marketing context, those positions required great organization and follow up, and you’d be surprised how many sales people out there just simply don’t follow up.

What’s a typical workday like for you?

I typically come in a little earlier than most because I have a longer commute, so I try to miss the early rush hour traffic. I start my day catching up on email, getting a drink from the cafe, and then fist bumping some of the other guys in the office to get the juices flowing. From there, it’s a combination of sales demos, proposal reviews, and prospecting for new business. I walk in each day with a set number of tasks with my current pipeline to keep myself honest, but each day tends to bring new opportunities.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

That’s pretty simple: helping storage operators solve problems with our products so we can make their lives easier and their facilities more profitable. I especially love working with new builds. It can be a really overwhelming task as a new owner to figure out what all you need to run a modern, automated self storage facility. At a trade show, that person typically has to visit several different booths to piece it all together. With storEDGE, we make the experience much easier because we bring so many things to the table. Having the ability to tell that person, “don’t stress, we have you covered” is an awesome feeling.

What would you say is your favorite memory in your time working at storEDGE?

It’s really hard to drill it all down to one favorite memory. Having started at the company during the infancy stages of the software and to see it grow to where it is now has truly been an awesome experience. We’ve hit a lot of milestones along the way and we typically celebrate with company outings, which are always a ton of fun.

What motivates you to do your best work?

Well, I have a lot of kids and they like to eat, so that’s enough motivation in itself.

What’s your morning routine?

Speaking of kids, I usually wake up to one of their silhouettes staring at me in silence which is not creepy at all. They know I don’t like to be woken up, so now they’ve just decided to stand there until I feel their presence. From there, it’s the typical chaos of getting a family ready for school that you see in the movies. Before I take off, I make sure to kiss my wife goodbye and hug each kiddo one by one after that.

How do you pass the time on your commute?

It’s a combination of sports radio, podcasts, music, or calling my parents. With music, lately I’ve really been into a mix of the Deftones, Jack’s Mannequin, and Kanye West. For podcasts, I listen to a lot of Dave Ramsey and The Ringer’s “The Rewatchables” pod.

Speaking of entertainment, you always have awesome TV and movie recommendations. Anything good you’ve watched lately?

I’m not too deep into anything yet, but I’m gearing up for what’s to come in 2019 (which is going to be awesome), such as the final season of “Game of Thrones”, the return of “Stranger Things”, “The Avengers: End Game”, and “John Wick 3” to name a few. Right now, I’m on a big Norm MacDonald run on YouTube watching his standup and old clips from Letterman and Conan. I’ve always been a big SNL fan from the ‘90s when Carvey, Sandler, Hartman, and Farley were at their peak, but I didn’t appreciate Norm’s talent when I was in my youth. He’s an amazing storyteller and a master at crafting a joke.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Great question. Someday after all of my kids are grown up, I’d like to move into a really cool, tricked out tiny home with my wife and become a minimalist.

Last but not least, what words of wisdom would you share with a new sales rep?

Stay positive. In sales, you may hear the word “no” a lot. You can either let that get you down or spin it and embrace the challenge. Also, keep educating yourself and work on your game.

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