Much of the work that goes into making a technology company successful is boring: it happens behind the scenes, in front of a computer, on the phone, and over strong coffees on early Monday mornings. At storEDGE, keeping all of our clients' websites running smoothly and ranking well in search is largely the role of the account management team.

Alison Renfro, Account Manager at storEDGE, is part of this hardworking team of late-nighters, organizers, and collaborators who work with our clients to meet their business goals. In her short time here, Alison has already put her big personality to work, hitting the ground running in her role and jumping into new projects. Learn her career story, her favorite thing about living in Kansas City, and more in this Meet Team storEDGE interview.

Name: Alison Renfro

Department: Sales

Started at storEDGE: August 2017

What’s your career story?

I think that my first qualifying “adult” job was as a Product Owner at RevUnit, a digital design and development agency in Bentonville, Arkansas. My role at RevUnit was basically was a combination of project management, client services and also playing scrum master (a project facilitator among technologists). Working at RevUnit, I had the opportunity to work on employee engagement mobile apps and my main client was Walmart. I really enjoyed getting to deliver a product that greatly impacted lives of people every day. Alongside working full-time at RevUnit, I was also going to school full-time to earn my bachelor’s in organizational management (fitting, eh?) from John Brown University. When my boyfriend and I decided to make the leap and move to Kansas City, I really looked hard for a place that mimicked what my previous job had. Since then, I've totally fallen in love with being a part of a technically diverse and creative team that delivers sweet products to their clients. I definitely feel like I’ve found a new happy home full of smart, crazy talented people.

What aspect of your day-to-day do you enjoy most?

I really enjoy getting to collaborate with developers to work through technical issues. It's so rewarding to work with a great team of developers who love to problem solve, and I have so much fun digging into complex features and testing everyone’s knowledge base. Although I am admittedly not incredibly technical, I still really enjoy this part of the product process. It’s a great opportunity to lean into one another’s expertise so that we can create the best possible version of a feature.

What three tabs are most likely to be open on your browser on any given work day?

Oh man. This question makes me feel like a big time lame-o, because I have a lot of tabs pinned on my browser that I don’t think I could get rid of. I always keep open important work-related things like my Gmail, calendar, product management tools like Jira, Basecamp, and our test sites, and just any documents that I frequently reference (such as release notes or business cases). I also like to keep my favorite news site pinned in my browser. I may not have time to stay 100% up to speed with what’s going on in the world, but it’s nice to check it out over lunch so that I can feel somewhat in the loop. I’ve also been known to obsessively check the weather throughout the day, because I feel like it’s insanely cold here in Kansas City and it surprises me every time I check the temperature.

Let’s play a quick game. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Share two truths and one lie about yourself.

I once used UberEats to order 11 tacos.
I have lived in nine different cities and on a sailboat.
I didn’t find out I wasn’t legal to drive without glasses until I was 24.

Can you guess which is the lie? Find out at the end of this post.

You mentioned that you recently moved to Kansas City. Now that you’ve been here for awhile, what do you like most about living in KC?

The endless possibility of things to do. Since moving to Kansas City, I’ve gotten to go to my first NFL game, and I’ve checked out a professional soccer game, the ballet, and a mummy exhibit (which was crazy cool!). So far, my favorite place to eat in KC is Columbus Park Ramen Shop. One thing I’m really looking forward to checking out is the zoo! I think zoos are so much fun and I’ve heard this one is a good one. We didn’t have a zoo where I lived in Arkansas. I also want to go to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. There’s so many things I want to do. This city offers a ton of opportunity for new experiences. Plus, the local breweries here are legit.

What else do you like to do outside of work?

I really like baking. I recently brought some of my homemade peanut clusters to work and it seemed like everyone enjoyed them. I also make a mean cupcake. When I’m not baking, I’m always out with friends, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city. I enjoy being on the water, so I go to the lake a lot. I love sailing with my family when I visit them in Florida. I also really love to read. One of my goals for 2018 is to read 40 novels - wish me luck.

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is definitely a Golden Retriever. I’d be a Golden Retriever who belongs to a wealthy family and just lives a luxurious life. Think of every family who owns a dog like that. Their life is the best life. I’d probably have a ton of toys, my own bedroom, and I wouldn’t have to do anything but love people.

What was your lie from our game earlier?

I didn’t actually order 11 tacos through UberEats. It was 10 tacos and they were amazing. (Disclaimer: I didn't eat all of those tacos by myself.)

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