Earlier today, Alex Bernath (Business Development) took us through his Lead Tracking &ROI Webinar. We realize everyone might not have been able to tune in so we've recapped it for you here! Alex reviewed some of the basic tools and strategies needed to track relevant data and establish ROI for your online marketing efforts. These tracking methods allow you to figure out what you're doing right and where you can improve.  Let's look through his webinar, 140 characters at a time.

Alex is starting his webinar now, hope you’re tuned in! #SAwebinars

-- storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

T1: This edition of #SAwebinars will use a variety of industry terms. Here’s a glossary to help brush up. pic.twitter.com/UpXQxEahOc — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

T2: Phone calls are 95% of all leads generated & have the highest conversion rate #SAWebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

T3: Tracking leads is the only way to truly measure the effectiveness of your marketing dollars #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

Many businesses feel that visitor count is sound solution for tracking your marketing efforts. However, if your website gets a lot of traffic with exceptional SEO and PPC campaigns, but doesn't convert those visitors into leads, you aren't making any money and those metrics are a misrepresentation of your Marketing ROI.

T4: The top three lead sources for Online Marketing are Websites, PPC campaigns, and 3rd party aggregators #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

T5: Track CPL & CPR over time. The more effective you are in online marketing, the smaller these numbers become. #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

By monitoring CPL and CPR, you can begin to see what you're doing right, and what you need to improve on. Data tracking is very powerful and helps you isolate strengths and weaknesses to improve your business.

T6: Dynamic Number Insertion allows you to distinguish betwenn calls from your PPC campaign and calls from organic traffic #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

Dynamic Number Insertion requires tweaking of the code for your website, but the effort for those changes are well worth it given the added data. As a side note, you can also use the recordings from VOIP calls to help train facility managers.

T7: PPC is expensive and can drive lower quality visitors to your site, raising your CPR beyond the lifetime value of a renter. #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

PPC does work for some brands, but definitely varies market to market.

T8: Use Dynamic Number Insertion and VOIP tracking to review the quality of leads generated through PPC. #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

T9: Flat Monthly Fee aggregators can have a low CPL, but be sure to track those leads! #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

StorageFront.com is an effective way to generate a high number of leads and to rank highly in search. However, we always supply you with tracking information and performance analytics so you can ensure you're making a good investment.

T10: While PPR aggregators remove risk, they should charge you less than your Maximum Cost of Acquisition. #SAwebinars — storEDGE (@storEDGE) August 1, 2013

Our PPR model, StorageHounds, charges you a set fee per move-in, mitigating your risk. As with all our services, we offer you all the tools necessary to properly track this service.

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of #SAwebinars. Have a great day!

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Alex's Webinar will be live on storEDGE.com/Webinars later this week. If you enjoyed what you learned in this episode of  #SAwebinars, check out our site to see the entire series!