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Lowest rates and full integration

Payment processing

We want to make things easy for you, so we conveniently offer payment processing that is fully integrated with all of our products. With storEDGE, you’ve got a one stop shop for all of your business needs.

Accepting all major credit and debit cards

Preferred partners

We work with many of the top payment processing companies, including Transfirst, Sage, and OpenEdge. Based on the mix of credit card options you provide at your facility, we’ll match you with the most cost efficient option for your individual business needs.

Use our facility management software on your desktop, phone, or tablet
Software Integration

Our payment processing integrates seamlessly with our management software to make swiping a card simple and easy for your business.

Apple users and Windows users alike will enjoy our software
Accepting Plastic

Debit or credit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover - whatever card your tenants use, your facility can process it securely.

We integrate with every part of your experience
Online Payments

Your customers will be able to pay their bills online with ease, through their easy-to-use, secure login in Rental Center™.

Managers at different facilities can access what's relevant to them
Secure Data

Your customer’s credit card information is encrypted in our software, making credit card theft virtually impossible. Tenants can trust that their data is secure with you.

Finding information on units, leads, and customers is easy

We offer support for all of our services, including a resource center where you’ll find answers to any questions you might have about your payment processing service.

Hover cards are an easy way to view information at a glance

Setting up automatic billing with bank-to-bank payments is quick and painless for both you and your customer - and they have one less bill to remember to pay every month.

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