Well, it’s that time of year again. It happens every year: Seasonal Affective Disorder. (You thought I was going to say the holidays, didn’t you?) It’s easy to get the doldrums this time of year, and although the holidays help some, they come with some stress, from family gatherings to finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. You go shopping and then start thinking about how a lot of children in your community won’t receive any gifts this year. Pair that with bleak weather, and then you’ve got a full-blown case of the winter blues. But we all know what drives the blues away: helping others.

The holidays are the perfect time for your business to get involved in a charitable cause.

Yep. It just feels good to put a smile on someone else’s face. And when you put a smile on a whole bunch of faces, you’re going to end up with one, too. As a storage facility manager, you have the unique capability to inspire a lot of smiles by using something you already have on hand to help the community: storage units.

So, how can you use your storage facility to give back to your community? Read on!

Donating gifts to those in need is a great way to give back to your community during the holiday season.

Organize a charity drive.

This is a common way businesses give back to the community, but if you have a vacant unit at your facility, you’ve got the perfect setup for this kind of project. Simply set aside a storage unit for non-perishables, toiletries, or toys. Make arrangements with a local charity that disperses these items to the people who need them, publicize your plans, and watch the donations roll in!

Charity Storage is a great organization that specializes in storage unit charity.

Add Your Facility to www.charitystorage.org.

This is a fantastic organization, folks - once you start working with Charity Storage, you might as well keep it going all year. All you have to do is dedicate one of your facility’s units to collecting donations. During your next storage auction, auction off the unit and donate the proceeds to one of Charity Storage’s favorite charities. You’d be surprised at what people will donate, and you might be even more surprised by the amount of money you can raise for charity when you participate.

Whatever you decide to do to give back this holiday season, remember that the people you’re helping deserve clean, quality items and not just junk. People often donate items that they feel guilty throwing away, but don’t realize that what they’re donating belongs in the garbage and isn’t suited for anyone’s needs.

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