As a self storage owner, you know how important it is to claim your Google business listing. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the latest changes on the Google platform. Have no fear - we've got you covered. Here is a summary of the latest Google My Business (GMB) update from July 2019 and how it might affect you as a storage facility owner.

What happened?

Google has rolled out a new feature inside of GMB: profile short names and URLs. The profile short names and URLs feature is designed to provide business owners with a simpler way to be found by potential customers and for existing customers to leave reviews.


What is a profile short name?

A profile short name is a unique and much shorter version of your self storage business name that you will choose to use to represent your business. It is recommended that you include your location to make the short name more distinct to users.


  • Business name on listing: Manatee Self Storage
  • Profile short name: ManateeStorage-FortMyers

What is a short name URL?

Once you have created a short name for your business, that short name will be used to create a short name URL. The short name URL can be used the same way as your GMB URL to share your GMB Listing with customers.


  • Business name on listing: Manatee Self Storage
  • Profile short name: ManateeStorage-FortMyers
  • Short URL:

Why did Google do this?

This is a shorter and simpler way for you to share your business listing with customers. A short name and a short URL are much easier for tenants to remember, easier to print on marketing material, and easier to send in emails and messages.

How do I create my short name?

  1. Log into your Google My Business account
  2. Select your Business Listing in your account
  3. Select Info from the menu on the left-hand side of the page
  4. Edit Add profile short name
    • Your short name can be between 5 - 32 characters in length
    • Your short name can only be changed up to 3 times a year, so you should probably choose something that you won’t want to change.
  5. After you select a profile short name, your short URL will be automatically generated.

Example of a profile short name and URL

  • Business name on listing: Best Self Storage
  • Profile short name: KansasCityBestSelfStorage or Kansas-City-Best-SelfStorage
  • Short URL:

Pro tips: Make your profile short name something that is both easy to spell and say. The shorter the better! Want to learn more? Click here for more information and instructions from Google Support.

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