Ever wonder what it is like to work at a different self storage facility? I hopped on the golf cart at Parkville Self Storage and shadowed management for a day to get a taste of what it is like to work there. Check it out below!

We worked with Sandy and Angie to see what a day in the life at Parkville Self Storage was like.

Meet Sandy and Angie.

Meet Sandy Knoernschild (right), owner of Parkville Self Storage, and her facility manager, Angie Crossley (left). Sandy and her father, Harry, opened Parkville Self Storage in 1998. Since then, they’ve expanded their business to nearly 400 units. As part of a family-run business, Parkville Self Storage is big on customer service and full of personality. Angie and Sandy are dynamic animal lovers - they have two cats who live at the facility, sell homegrown catnip, and frequently work with the organization Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter (FOPAS) to give back to the city.

“We live and work in this community. We're not a big storage company. We know that we're going to see our customers at the grocery store, the coffee shop, school, church or wherever. We care about our people and we do our best to help them,” says Sandy.

Their passion for customer service shows. Tenants and new customers come into the office and chat about news and the weather over a glass of iced tea. On hot days, Angie and Sandy hand out cold waters to tenants they see working in their units or lugging around heavy boxes. If it’s a busy move-in day, they’ll keep the office open a little later just in case anyone needs something or needs to use the restroom. Going the extra mile is just the way their family does business.

“Sandy’s dad always says, ‘Storage is storage. The only thing you can offer them is accommodation and good service.’ ” - Angie Crossley

Our marketing team was lucky enough to get the opportunity to follow Angie and Sandy around as they went about business on a Wednesday to see our software in action and learn about what a day in the life at Parkville Self Storage is like. Check it out below!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

8:45 AM

After grabbing a tasty latte from Parkville Coffee, Angie and Sandy meet at facility. They open up the office, roll over the phone from night forwarding, feed their two resident black cats, Lou and LuLu, and grab some breakfast of their own. Angie checks the task list from the dashboard of the facility management software to start the workday.

The adopted cats at Parkville Self Storage start their day with breakfast,too.

9:00 AM

Sandy gets to work in her office, reviewing daily, weekly and monthly reports from the management software, tracking expenses and managing the books. Angie collects checks from the payment dropbox that were dropped in after hours, enters the payments in her software, updates the tenants’ profiles, and reviews the past due report.

Lou gets comfortable and takes a morning nap in the office.

9:22 AM

A current tenant comes in and wants to talk about her move-out date. Her family is moving into a new home at the end of the month and she’s excited to get the kids’ winter clothes out of storage. Angie congratulates her and makes a note of her desired move-out date in the software.

LuLu takes her morning snooze while Angie and Sandy get started with their workday.

9:30 AM

Angie prints the past due report and hops on the golf cart to make her morning rounds. She carries the report with her as she hooks red overlocks on units that are overdue and removes overlocks from units that are paid up. She inspects the property, picks up stray pieces of trash and makes sure everything looks spic and span.

Angie makes sure the aisles of Parkville Self Storage stay neat and clean.

10:15 AM

Angie’s done with her morning rounds and starts making courtesy calls. She calls tenants with rent due in the next business day to remind them of their bill. Some tenants have a note pinned by their name in the software saying they work night shifts (don’t call during day hours) or that they prefer text messages over phone calls.

12:00 PM

Lunch time! Angie and Sandy usually pack their lunch or order takeout so that the office can stay open for visitors over the lunch hour. Rancho Grande Cantina is right up the road and remains a popular option (especially on Taco Tuesday!).

1:00 PM

It’s quiet at the facility, so Sandy uses this time to get caught up on paperwork in the back office. She sorts through mail, pays bills, looks at online payments, and makes a trip to the bank. Angie sends out rent collection letters and tidies up the front office.

Angie keeps the driveways of Parkville Self Storage free of debris.

3:20 PM

Angie sees a few cars drive onto the facility while she’s working on the computer, so she and Sandy make another round on the golf cart to see what everyone’s up to. She makes a note that one of the RVs has a low tire and reminds herself to send the owner a message.

A retro camper sure to delight any modern day hipster.

4:15 PM

After chatting with tenants for a while and doing some sweeping and general facility maintenance (the place is spotless!), Sandy and Angie head back into the office and make some notes about a unit’s lock in their software before they get ready to head home for the day.

Going the extra mile always pays off when it comes to facility maintenance.

4:30 PM

Sandy locks up the office, makes sure Lou and Lulu have enough provisions for the night, and rolls the phone over to night mode again. If any tenants accessing the facility after hours forget their gate code, their call will forward to their cell phone. Using their cloud-based management software on their smartphone or tablet, Angie and Sandy can look up a tenant’s gate code from home without having to make the trip into the office after hours.

Our marketing team poses with Angie and Sandy after spending the day shadowing them.

“It’s a great little job that nobody knows about.” - Angie Crossley

It was a great experience to spend some time with the ladies of Parkville Self Storage and to see our software in action. After getting the full tour and learning a little more about the ins and outs of how they manage their facility, our marketing team was excited to head back to the office and use our new knowledge to make some small but mighty improvements to the software.

Thank you Parkville Self Storage! At storEDGE, we are proud to work with clients who excel at what they do, care about their customers, and give back to the community.

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