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Burning Questions

Meet storEDGE™, Red Nova Labs’ new brand for its family of management and marketing solutions. The storEDGE brand, formerly known as StorageAhead (WebWorks, WebReady, StorageFront, StorageHounds), encompasses Red Nova’s entire platform of integrated products for the self storage industry.

How does the rebrand affect me? My service?

Your products and point of contact won’t be changing. We’re still the same team, working hard to deliver the best technology solutions in the self storage industry. Now we just go by our new name, storEDGE.

When will the rebrand happen?

Our new name is in place right now! You will see small changes over time — like in our email signatures, social media, or on our website. We will be working to update any references to our company to reflect the rebrand.

Then who is Red Nova Labs?

Red Nova Labs is the parent company and legal entity doing business as (dba) storEDGE. "Red Nova" is near and dear to our hearts and you'll hear us mention it from time to time. The storage products that you know and love are, in fact, powered by Red Nova.

Who do I pay?

Because Red Nova Labs, Inc. is the entity that legally powers storEDGE, you will still see Red Nova Labs charging you.

Why did you change your name?

As you likely know, we’ve gone by a few different names over the years: Red Nova Labs, StorageFront, StorageAhead. This confusion doesn’t align with the clarity of our vision and the cohesiveness of our platform. Since we're no longer operating StorageFront and StorageHounds, it made sense to streamline the message.

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s our clients. We see the benefits of integrated marketing and management solutions and our vision is to be the single vendor who offers you a single solution. We renamed ourselves to reflect this passion. Oh, and to make things way less confusing.

What do I call you?

It’s nice to meet you! We’re storEDGE. We know it can take some time getting used to change, so feel free to think of us as storEDGE, by Red Nova, until you get the hang of it.

How do I spell and write the new name?

We love when people spell our name correctly. All you have to do is lower case the first half of our name and capitalize the second half, like so: storEDGE. It’s not StorEdge, storedge, STOREDGE, or StorEDGE. Why? Our products give you the EDGE in storage.

What will happen to StorageAhead?

Breakups can be tough, but we’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re moving on from StorageAhead. While we love the times we had together and those precious little sheep, we know that, as storEDGE, bigger and better things are on the horizon.

What happened to StorageFront and StorageHounds?

While StorageFront will be fondly remembered by the storEDGE team as the tool that launched us into the self storage industry, we want to dedicate our efforts exclusively to our marketing websites, management software, and Rental Center. Don’t worry though; StorageFront and StorageHounds are in good hands with the StoreLocal team.

How many different business cards have you had?

Ha, do we have to answer this one?

What if I have more questions?

We welcome them! You don’t have to go through this change alone. Head over to the blog to read the official press release or simply contact your account manager for more information.

One brand. One platform. One Solution.

Capitalize on the benefits of a fully integrated marketing and management solution.