Working in marketing for storEDGE, I’m shocked to find myself here, writing a romance mystery novel book review. But when I came across ‘Hot Storage’ by Mary Mead, of course, I had to read it and blog about it. It’s a self storage love story and murder mystery, after all. And what’s self storage if not romantic and mysterious?

‘Hot Storage’ is a fictional romance-mystery novel just short of 300 pages using the moody setting of a small town self storage facility. Written by former facility manager and lung-cancer survivor, Mary Mead, the book centers on themes that any self storage owner or manager would get a kick out of, like dealing with unruly tenants, living in an on-site residence, working with part-time staff, and busting illegal activity on the property. I downloaded Mead’s book on my Kindle app and read it all one hot summer afternoon. Check out my synopsis and review below!

‘Hot Storage’ is the story of Beach Storage facility manager and Latina beauty, Marlena Montoya, who is struggling to unravel the mystery of a sudden crime burst at the otherwise uneventful facility in the small, oceanside community of Jade Beach, California. Marlena is newly single after splitting from her ex-husband, Sporticus, and even with two handsome brothers owning the facility, she’s tentative to trust another playboy with her heart. But after an encounter with a mysterious outlaw at the beach, things start to get really weird at Beach Storage. First, cartons of cocaine are found in an empty unit. In an effort to catch the criminals, Marlena partners with a sexy lead detective to set up a sting. When the drugs go missing right from under the nose of an undercover agent, things start to get even more suspicious. Then, the facility office turns into a murder scene.

With all of the men involved in the case, and feelings becoming stronger, things start to get personal and the heat is on to find the truth. After the murder, Marlena doesn’t know who she can trust, and she pursues the killer herself. Will she solve the mystery of the Beach Storage crime spree, or has she trusted the wrong man with her heart?

Short and sweet, and fun to read for those in the self storage business, ‘Hot Storage’ is the praiseworthy combo of crime, passion, and humor. I was absorbed in the story right from the beginning, and I enjoyed Mead’s humorous take on managing a self storage business and dealing with unruly tenants. If you’ve been in the self storage business for years, and you’re looking for a meaty mystery, check out ‘Hot Storage.’ You can buy it from the Inside Self Storage bookstore, or download it for free reading on your Kindle device. As for me, I hope to see more self storage novels from Mead in the future.

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