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Q & A with Online Hispanic Marketing Expert Carla Briceno

Sara Heins |19 Aug 2011

When I started researching for my story about marketing to Hispanics online for Inside Self Storage Magazine, I quickly figured out the foremost authority on the subject was Carla Briceno.


The Magic* of SEO

Sara Heins |03 Aug 2011

The other day it was quitting time at work and a couple of us gathered around a computer monitor, talking about the new fall television shows, and wanting to check out one of J.J. Abrams’ newest creations: Alcatraz. Unsatisfied with my coworker’s search terms in Google to bring about the proper sneak peek video I had already seen, I took over his computer and typed in a few keywords that I knew would get me the results I wanted. I was right, but was surprised by the fact that my own blog showed up fourth in organic results.


Social Influence and SEO: Is Clout the Cherry on the Optimization Cupcake?

Kendra Bozarth |10 Jul 2011

Does social media influence SEO and your site’s standings on search results? We discuss social media and how it impacts your web presence online.


Self Storage Mad Hatters: Black Hat, White Hat, and the Dangers of Buying Links for SEO

Sara Heins |24 Apr 2011

Black hat tactics are originally conjured up by clever hackers who figure out how to game a search engine’s system. Then, SEO “specialists” around the world quickly catch on and trace the hackers’ steps in droves. To-date, more than a dozen black hat tactics have come to light.


Twitter for Self Storage Operators & Movers, Part 6: Tweeters & Tools

Sara Heins |23 Apr 2011

Here it is, my friends: The final chapter on using Twitter for self storage & movers’ marketing. I hope this section serves you well as a quick reference guide while you become more strategic with your tweets. Here’s what’s covered:  Tweet Key ,  Twitter Goodies ,  Accessory Sites , and  Industry Tweeters .

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