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Tweet Toolbox: How Ten Simple Tools Make Twitter Work for Me (Part 2 of 2)

Sara Heins |20 Dec 2011

If you manage one account – socializing on behalf of your company or your personal brand – Twitter itself is probably an adequate application for the job. It’s fun and user-friendly. For tweeting on-the-go, you can download the Twitter app for your Smartphone. (As of this writing, running the redesigned Twitter website from your iPhone is a pain in the arse.)


Tweet Toolbox: How Ten Simple Tools Make Twitter Work for Me (Part 1 of 2)

Sara Heins |20 Dec 2011

Twitter’s rapid growth is showing no signs of slowing. Even though the social network seems like a communications tool built just for oddly obsessed foodies and short attention span narcissists, it plays host to more than 300 million accounts today and is growing at a rate of close to three-quarters of a million accounts daily. Yep, 10 more accounts are signed up every second. We can’t all be loonies, can we?


The Battle for Web Visibility: Google Maps

Sara Heins |18 Dec 2011

When Steve Chaires received his local yellow pages book recently, he was mad. But his anger was tempered by the realization that what he was so upset about probably didn’t matter all that much.Chaires, who owns Advanced Moving and Storing in Tallahassee, Fla., looked up his listing to discover that the print was too small for him to read.


Google+ Pages for Business Yield Search Advantages

Sara Heins |22 Nov 2011

Google+ opened up a new service for businesses and brands, Google+ Pages, last week. Many businesses tried to set up G+ pages when the network launched in July and had their Pages deleted (Google was only allowing personal accounts), so there’s clearly a business marketing interest in the networking platform. But if you’re not ESPN or The New York Times, what’s the advantage of being on Google+? Will you just get lost in the shuffle?


Why (and how) Location-Based Services Should be Utilized in Self Storage

Sara Heins |25 Sep 2011

Google Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare, Groupon. We all hear these words. And while many owners and managers don’t understand what they are and how they can be utilized, it doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Location-based services, come in many different shapes and sizes.

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