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Google+ Pages for Business Yield Search Advantages

Sara Heins |22 Nov 2011

Google+ opened up a new service for businesses and brands, Google+ Pages, last week. Many businesses tried to set up G+ pages when the network launched in July and had their Pages deleted (Google was only allowing personal accounts), so there’s clearly a business marketing interest in the networking platform. But if you’re not ESPN or The New York Times, what’s the advantage of being on Google+? Will you just get lost in the shuffle?


Why (and how) Location-Based Services Should be Utilized in Self Storage

Sara Heins |25 Sep 2011

Google Places, Yahoo Local, Foursquare, Groupon. We all hear these words. And while many owners and managers don’t understand what they are and how they can be utilized, it doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Location-based services, come in many different shapes and sizes.


Q & A with Online Hispanic Marketing Expert Carla Briceno

Sara Heins |19 Aug 2011

When I started researching for my story about marketing to Hispanics online for Inside Self Storage Magazine, I quickly figured out the foremost authority on the subject was Carla Briceno.


The Magic* of SEO

Sara Heins |03 Aug 2011

The other day it was quitting time at work and a couple of us gathered around a computer monitor, talking about the new fall television shows, and wanting to check out one of J.J. Abrams’ newest creations: Alcatraz. Unsatisfied with my coworker’s search terms in Google to bring about the proper sneak peek video I had already seen, I took over his computer and typed in a few keywords that I knew would get me the results I wanted. I was right, but was surprised by the fact that my own blog showed up fourth in organic results.


Social Influence and SEO: Is Clout the Cherry on the Optimization Cupcake?

Kendra Bozarth |10 Jul 2011

Does social media influence SEO and your site’s standings on search results? We discuss social media and how it impacts your web presence online.

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