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How to Turn Your Storage Unit into the Ultimate Man Cave

Sara Heins |03 Feb 2013

With Super Bowl XLVII fast approaching, many people find the party as enticing as the game itself. However, maybe you're a real sports fan and want to get away from the people who don't care about the Harbaugh brothers or don't even know which teams are playing. To escape and watch the game in solace, why not turn your storage unit into a man cave and watch it there? A storage facility can be the perfect getaway from fair-weather fans, the apathetic mooches that just show up for the snacks, or even life itself.


Denver Storage Facility Installs Solar Panels

Sara Heins |30 Jan 2013

Greenbox Self Storage recently became the first solar powered storage facility in downtown Denver. In such an environmentally conscious city, the company hopes to position itself as an attractive public storage option for the kinds of people who already recycle, compost and carpool.


Should I be Branding My Storage Facility on Twitter and Facebook?

Sara Heins |23 Jan 2013

We’re not saying to completely ignore the social sphere, though. Social media can most certainly be beneficial (in a less direct way) in regards to your website’s organic search results.


An In-Depth Guide in Adding Video to Your SEO Strategy

Sara Heins |20 Dec 2012

Previously, we discussed the value of video in terms of SEO, but now we want to show you how to go about adding this aspect to your SEO strategy.


I’m Dreaming of Localized SEO, Increased Leads, and a White Christmas [VIDEO]

Sara Heins |17 Dec 2012

If Santa were dedicated to the self storage industry, he would probably deliver lots of hygienic, paying renters to facilities all over the world. Alas, that kind of haul would require an army of elves with ever-evolving proficiency in SEO—a learning curve that’s more exhausting than knowing the latest in extreme graphic chipset processors.

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