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How Do Customers See Your Pages?

Sara Heins |07 Mar 2013

Are you attracting customers with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles, or driving them away? Mashable teamed up with EyeTrackShop, a startup that uses webcams to track eye movement and see where people engage most with content, based on where their eyes lingered longest. Although the study only involved 30 participants, the results are intriguing. Since social media profiles are usually formatted the same for businesses as they are for people, there may be some knowledge to gain here.


StorageAhead Develops New Mini Storage Calculator

Sara Heins |27 Feb 2013

WebWorks clients, you may notice a cool new feature on your websites under your calculator page; our team of dedicated web marketers worked hard to develop a brand new self storage calculator.


WebWorks Upgrade: Customers Can Now Leave Reviews Directly On Website

Sara Heins |27 Feb 2013

In the most recent WebWorks update, the StorageAhead developers built in a review system for customers to leave feedback on the site; they can do so by leaving a rating of one to five stars as well as an optional written testimonial.


Why Small Businesses Hate G+ [Infographic]

Sara Heins |19 Feb 2013

We enjoyed Mike Ramsey’s sardonic perspective of Google+ Local. What self storage owner or agency hasn’t felt the sting of Google’s indifference about our customer reviews and what they mean for our business? Thanks to Nifty Marketing.


Move over Twilight, Storage Facilities take over Pop Culture

Sara Heins |14 Feb 2013

You’ve got to admit that storage facilities have been all over the screens lately. One may even go as far as to say it’s rivaling the weird vampire craze that’s swept the nation over the past few years. How there are enough storage unit owners that default (and then actually have valuable stuff tucked away) that they can make four reality series of, I’m not sure. Although I also have no idea how they can keep attracting teenagers and middle-aged housewives* with this vampire crap either.

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