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Building a Successful Website

Tom Cox |27 Mar 2013

Knowing how to build a successful website can be tough, but it's critical for finding renters in such an online-based world. Guest blogger and Strat Prop Management Inc manager, Tom Cox, offers a few tips to rank highly in the search engines.


Sustainable Storage Inspiration from Starbucks

Sara Heins |27 Mar 2013

Storage facilities might take a page from Starbucks' book when it comes to sustainable building. This recently opened Starbucks concept store in Tukwila, Washington is made entirely of used shipping containers. As this story at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's blog notes, shipping containers are gaining use in sustainable design, like in this building project in nearby Georgetown, Washington, and even shipping container homes like the ones featured on ZeroCabin.


4 Reasons for Your Storage Facility to Go Solar

Sara Heins |27 Mar 2013

A lot of businesses seem to be "going green" lately – recycling, installing solar panels and using energy efficient materials throughout the construction process. Even some storage facilities are hopping on the bandwagon and adopting more environmentally friendly techniques. Greenbox Self Storage, downtown Denver's first solar-powered facility, will generate more than 75,000 kW of power a year, saving 180,000 pounds of CO2 annually. The building is also applying for LEED Silver certification, a prestigious standing given to businesses built with efficient and recycled materials.


Why It’s Important to Encourage Renter Reviews

Kendra Bozarth |27 Mar 2013

In today’s internet-based economy, consumers rely heavily on “word-of-mouth” advice through websites, directories, blogs and more when deciding which products and services to purchase and use. When a couple can’t settle on the choice between two restaurants on a Friday night, they take out an iPhone, click on their Yelp app and view which location ranks higher based on customer-generated feedback.


Build a Strong Social Skills Foundation

Peter Soto |27 Mar 2013

In my last post, I talked about how having a genuine interest in people leads to quality relationships between account managers and the clients they serve. This time I’m going to give you a few resources partly to show you why this happens and partly to show how you can develop these social skills. This is by no means an exhaustive guide. The question is too big and our attention spans are too small.

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