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The Magic* of SEO

Sara Heins |03 Aug 2011

The other day it was quitting time at work and a couple of us gathered around a computer monitor, talking about the new fall television shows, and wanting to check out one of J.J. Abrams’ newest creations: Alcatraz. Unsatisfied with my coworker’s search terms in Google to bring about the proper sneak peek video I had already seen, I took over his computer and typed in a few keywords that I knew would get me the results I wanted. I was right, but was surprised by the fact that my own blog showed up fourth in organic results.


Social Influence and SEO: Is Clout the Cherry on the Optimization Cupcake?

Kendra Bozarth |10 Jul 2011

Does social media influence SEO and your site’s standings on search results? We discuss social media and how it impacts your web presence online.


Self Storage Mad Hatters: Black Hat, White Hat, and the Dangers of Buying Links for SEO

Sara Heins |24 Apr 2011

Black hat tactics are originally conjured up by clever hackers who figure out how to game a search engine’s system. Then, SEO “specialists” around the world quickly catch on and trace the hackers’ steps in droves. To-date, more than a dozen black hat tactics have come to light.


Twitter for Self Storage Operators & Movers, Part 6: Tweeters & Tools

Sara Heins |23 Apr 2011

Here it is, my friends: The final chapter on using Twitter for self storage & movers’ marketing. I hope this section serves you well as a quick reference guide while you become more strategic with your tweets. Here’s what’s covered:  Tweet Key ,  Twitter Goodies ,  Accessory Sites , and  Industry Tweeters .


Twitter for Self Storage Operators & Movers, Part 5: How to Tweet

Sara Heins |23 Apr 2011

Lots of different people use Twitter in lots of different ways, and the medium is still evolving. Anyway, it’s not about marketing so much as connecting. Twitter gives people the opportunity to converse, to know and like each other, to build trust—quickly and succinctly. So let’s get started… What should you tweet?

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