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The Tale of “Discountitis”

Kendra Bozarth |28 Mar 2013

Discountitis, the technical name of course, is the disease where a brand or company focuses its advertising and marketing goals solely on the ideas of sales and discounts. Everywhere you go you see sales – 25 percent off this. Have an extra $5 bonus here. Happy Hour sale today only. And even, first month free. Sound familiar?


Google Is Tired of Your Crap, Says Earn Your Own Darn Links

Sara Heins |28 Mar 2013

Confused by the never-ending SEO updates from Google? SEOMoz makes the ever-changing ranking algorithms simple to understand - rather than relying on some magical linkbuilding scheme, write content worth reading to earn your own darn links.


Mystery Shopping Your Storage Facility

Sara Heins |27 Mar 2013

To avoid a horrible article written about one of your managers, you may want to consider hiring mystery shoppers. These incognito hired hands will pose as potential tenants to scope out what a typical customer experiences as they enter your storage facility


What You'll Learn at the 2013 ISS World Expo in Las Vegas

Sara Heins |27 Mar 2013

Pumped for the ISS Expo in Las Vegas, but not sure what events to attend? Check out the list that the StorageAhead team is most excited about - we've handpicked the Expo's best web marketing presentations to help you boost your online presence.


Selling Self-Storage: My Perspective After Seven Months

Austin Jones |27 Mar 2013

What's it like to work as a sales guy for StorageAhead? Our very own team member, Austin Jones, shares what selling websites and self storage subscriptions is like, and why he wants to help you, the facility owner, succeed.

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