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Self Storage Customer Reviews: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sara Heins |14 Mar 2011

After four days of little sleep and much learning about SEO, SEM, and everything in between at SMX West in San Jose (a search marketing conference), I feel like I just went back to college. I was happy that there was no final exam, but I am going to treat this blog post as my final anyway. Feel free grade the usefulness of my post.


Why Web Visibility is Critical to Self Storage Success

Sara Heins |01 Mar 2011

StorageFront recently ran a sales experiment on our better performing Basic (unpaid) listings. The results stunned virtually everyone in our office. Chris Klein and Marc Smith spoke with several of the operators in our database who responded that they don’t have Internet access. Not only that, but they don’t even have a web page or so much as an online phone book listing!


Calculating Your Social Media Return on Investment (ROI)

Sara Heins |27 Feb 2011

You’ve been hearing that you need to increase your social media presence by signing your facility(ies) up for Facebook and Twitter. You’ve even attempted to start a blog. But at what expense? How can you accurately measure your return on investment, affectionately known as ROI.


The Search Shift Part 4: Online Brand Equity (What People Trust)

Sara Heins |23 Nov 2010

Once upon a time, the Internet was the Great Level Playing Field of Commerce. Businesses large/known and small/unknown could compete for the same online visitors without spending seven figures on marketing. Those days are long gone.


The Search Shift Part 3: Browsing Behavior (What People Are Looking At)

Sara Heins |23 Nov 2010

In the world of SEO, you’ll probably  be hearing the word “clickstream” more and more. A clickstream, or “search funnel” as some marketers call it, is a record of what a web user clicks while browsing online. In theory, every web page requested in a clickstream will generate a signal, giving Google insight into what users prefer to see.

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