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Understanding Solar Energy, Its Cost, and How to Efficiently Plan for Its Use

Erich Noack |17 Feb 2015

Talk on the news and internet often finds its way back to the issues of global warming and the rise of oil prices. But, what is “solar energy”? What is “renewable energy”? Here’s what you need to know.


Red Nova Introduces New storEDGE™ Brand for Its Self Storage Platform

Erich Noack |02 Feb 2015

Meet storEDGE, the new brand name for the family of management and marketing solutions from Red Nova Labs, Inc. The storEDGE brand encompasses Red Nova’s entire platform of integrated products for the self storage industry.


StoreLocal Announces Acquisition of from Red Nova

Amy Daniels |06 Jan 2015

StoreLocal, the industry's first member owned co-op for self storage operators, announced today the acquisition of and from Red Nova Labs, Inc.


Want Your Leads to Say 'Yes' to Your Business? Focus on Convenience

Amy Daniels |30 Sep 2014

Your customer wants to find all the information he can, and he wants to find it right now. Your ability to meet this need measures your facility’s level of convenience. Read on to learn the steps you can take.


The Foolproof Guide to Making Fantastic Promotional Videos

Tim Schlee |26 Sep 2014

Looking for that something extra to push your online marketing a little further? Video might be just what the doctor ordered.

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