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3 Brilliant Advertising Campaigns and What You Can Learn from Them

Amy Daniels |29 Sep 2015

Advertising is so much more than creating pretty materials. If you’ve bought ad space for your company and didn’t see an immediate jump in leads, you know this fact is true. Both marketing and advertising are about establishing a mutual connection with your customers.


Q&A with Lydia Fuqua, storEDGE Local Search Specialist

Amy Daniels |15 Sep 2015

This week's post makes local search a little less overwhelming while giving you a more personal glimpse of the storEDGE team. I met with Lydia Fuqua, our local search specialist, to learn how she approaches local search, what mistakes storage operators are most commonly making, and what predictions she has for the future of SEO.


What You Need to Know About Google Local Updates

Amy Daniels |11 Sep 2015

While you may be concerned about how Google's most recent changes to local search affect your business, you may not want to sift through pages of articles about the topic. If so, you’re in luck! This article breaks down everything you need to know about changes to the Local Pack, Google+, reviews, and more.


5 of the Most Unique Cultures in Self Storage

Amy Daniels |11 Sep 2015

Unique culture is about more than cool gimmicks and questioning the conventional; the right employees, the right business models, and the right kind of innovation can make all the difference in the quality of products a company produces and the level of service they deliver.


Solar Power Provides a Boost to Cross Road Storage in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Erich Noack |08 Sep 2015

Solar energy is well known for being clean, efficient, and abundant. Spurred on by tax incentives and the ability to sell stored, unused energy back to the local grid, Cross Road Storage is more readily looking toward solar energy as a viable alternative to traditional power sources.

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