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Read between the vines: 11 unexpected ways to wow your renters with wine storage

Jana Haecherl |15 May 2018 |5 min read

Ready to pop the cork on wine storage at your facility? Check out these 11 ways to create an unforgettable experience for wine collectors at your storage facility.


How to protect your storage facility from summertime pests

Jana Haecherl |14 May 2018 |12 min read

Summertime means shorts, t-shirts, and creepy crawly things you don't want in your tenants' storage unit. Find out how to prevent and exterminate insects, spiders, rodents, and more with our latest blog post.


5 ways to transform your customer service with technology

Jana Haecherl |11 May 2018 |8 min read

Check out this blog post to find out how your technology can make or break your tenants’ experience, how you can empower customers with real-time updates, and the right way (and the right time) to reach renters.


What does Warren Buffett think about self storage?

Jana Haecherl |09 May 2018 |6 min read

Want to take a page out of a billionaire's book for your self storage business? Check out these insights from the recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.


Your next storage manager may be a robot

Jana Haecherl |07 May 2018 |9 min read

From kiosks to storage bots, online rentals to smart locks, futuristic automated tools and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the game for self storage operators. Whether you’re building a fully unmanned facility or just exploring what’s new in storage tech, there’s something for everyone in this post.

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