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Tom Cox, Former Guest Blogger

Tom Cox is the Director of Marketing and Technology for Strat Property Management Inc. (SPMI). SPMI manages 35 storage facilities in California and Texas. Previously, Tom worked for Red Nova Labs, a marketing firm specializing in web development for the self storage industry.

Building a Successful Website

Tom Cox |27 Mar 2013

Knowing how to build a successful website can be tough, but it's critical for finding renters in such an online-based world. Guest blogger and Strat Prop Management Inc manager, Tom Cox, offers a few tips to rank highly in the search engines.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Linkbuilding (and Why You Should Avoid Them)

Tom Cox |17 Dec 2012

Linkbuilding is an efficient form of web marketing, but these seven black hat tricks will penalize your efforts and lower your ranking on search engines.

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