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Jessica is a content specialist for storEDGE with a background in English composition, grammar, and rhetoric. She enjoys ensuring that self storage industry web copy is clear, persuasive, and search engine friendly.

Does this affect my rankings? 5 SEO myths you're better off ignoring

Jessica McFall |26 Apr 2017 |5 min read

There’s a lot of misinformation about SEO out there. How can you be sure your website is keeping up with best practices? Learn about SEO myths on our blog!


What you need to know to hold a successful storage auction

Jessica McFall |24 Mar 2017 |3 min read

Sick of auction chaos? Check out this post for tips on how you can collect back the money you’ve lost due to tenant delinquency at your storage auction.


How to Build Credibility as a New Storage Business in Your Community

Jessica McFall |27 Dec 2016 |4 min read

So, what does Aristotle have to do with your new storage facility? If you want to be a credible business, more than you think! Read more in this blog post.


How your facility can give back to your community around the holidays

Jessica McFall |22 Nov 2016 |2 min read

Need some holiday spirit? Cheer up, Charlie! Check out these ideas on how your storage facility can give back to your community this holiday season!


5 macabre storage unit finds that will chill you to the bone

Jessica McFall |31 Oct 2016 |3 min read

Forget skeletons in the closet… what’s in the storage units at your facility? Read about the times human remains have been found in storage units!


How to tap into the wine storage market at your facility

Jessica McFall |06 Oct 2016 |7 min read

Wine storage is a hot market right now. Read more to learn how you can tap into the wine storage market at your facility by making a few improvements!


Top 10 unforgettable self storage moments in TV and film

Jessica McFall |21 Jul 2016

Sooner or later, everyone needs self storage. Our favorite TV and movie characters need it, too! Read about our favorite on-screen storage moments!