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Jana Haecherl, Storedge Writer

Jana is a marketing content writer living in Kansas City. A graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in psychology and business, Jana enjoys bringing technology, web marketing and industry news and tips to self storage owners and managers.

Client Spotlight: The Self Storage Vault

Jana Haecherl |24 May 2017 |3 min read

Curious how a self storage business can thrive in the New York metro? Check out this spotlight on The Self Storage Vault to find out for yourself!


Self storage design gets sexy in 2017

Jana Haecherl |10 May 2017 |3 min read

Check out what’s new with self storage construction and design in 2017, and how storEDGE clients are getting in on the trend with modern, stylish buildings.


Client Spotlight: Rosewood Self Storage

Jana Haecherl |10 May 2017 |4 min read

Hear a self storage broker and owner’s perspective on the state of the market in 2017. Check out this spotlight on Rosewood Self Storage!


10 Federal Achieves Record Leasing Milestone at New Fully Automated Facility

Jana Haecherl |03 May 2017 |1 min read

Check out the latest news from storEDGE client 10 Federal Storage on the success of their recently opened Angier Avenue facility.


How to create and set up social media accounts for your storage business

Jana Haecherl |01 May 2017 |5 min read

Check out the easy-to-follow steps in this how-to guide to make creating and setting up social media accounts for your storage business simple and efficient.


storEDGE® to provide integrated business intelligence for self storage

Jana Haecherl |06 Apr 2017

storEDGE®, the leading technology provider for self storage, announced today the release of built-in business intelligence (BI) tools.


Client Spotlight: Byrd’s Mini Storage

Jana Haecherl |06 Apr 2017 |4 min read

If you’re looking for a small business success story with a hint of southern charm, you’re in the right place. Check out this spotlight on Byrd's Mini Storage!


Gadget Review: iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface [Infographic]

Jana Haecherl |05 Apr 2017 |4 min read

Shopping for new technology can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Check out our infographic to compare the two most popular devices.


Top 10 Best Blog Posts for New Self Storage Owners and Investors

Jana Haecherl |23 Mar 2017 |9 min read

If you’re new to the storage industry, check out our top ten list of the most popular blog posts for new self storage owners and investors.


How to Capture High Quality Property Photos With Your iPhone

Jana Haecherl |20 Mar 2017 |9 min read

If you want to add professional-looking facility photos to your self storage facility’s website for free, check out this easy how-to article!


5 Creative Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Leads

Jana Haecherl |14 Mar 2017 |6 min read

Are you satisfied with your lead traffic from social media? Check out these five tips to drive more leads from Twitter.


How to Unlock Leads with Instagram

Jana Haecherl |28 Feb 2017 |6 min read

Interested in social media advertising? Read on to find out why Instagram is the best place to spend your marketing dollars in 2017.


How to Make Marketing Inflatables Work for Your Storage Business

Jana Haecherl |22 Feb 2017 |7 min read

You've probably seen marketing inflatables while waiting at a stoplight and wondered, do those things really work? Check out our blog to learn about this phenomenon.


How to Make a Strong Craigslist Ad

Jana Haecherl |15 Feb 2017 |5 min read

Want to get started advertising on Craigslist? Follow this easy guide to optimize your storage ad and bring in more leads.


7 Ways to Boost the Value of Your RV and Boat Storage Facility

Jana Haecherl |13 Feb 2017 |5 min read

Running a specialty storage business comes with unique renters and unconventional challenges. Read on to find out how you can offer more value to tenants at your RV and boat storage facility.


10 Essential Free iPhone Apps for Self Storage Managers

Jana Haecherl |31 Jan 2017 |5 min read

Check out the top ten best free apps for self storage managers, tried and tested by the team at storEDGE.


How to get the most bang for your buck from Facebook Ads

Jana Haecherl |30 Jan 2017 |9 min read

Facebook Ads don’t have to be expensive. Check out these easy tips for how your storage business can stretch your Facebook marketing dollars.


The 7 Biggest Misconceptions About Unmanned Facilities

Jana Haecherl |30 Jan 2017 |6 min read

How much do you know about unmanned facilities? Check out these seven misconceptions to test your knowledge.


How to Manage Facility Reviews: 10 of the Best Resources to Bookmark

Jana Haecherl |25 Jan 2017 |8 min read

Read all about how the latest Google update will affect your reviews and check out our top 10 resources for effective review management in this post.


How to Get More Google My Business Reviews Without Having to Nag Customers

Jana Haecherl |06 Jan 2017 |5 min read

Google is the first place most people will find your business. Check out this blog post to find out how to claim your Google My Business listing and get your star rating to show up with your business.


Top 6 Technology Trends for Self Storage in 2017

Jana Haecherl |03 Jan 2017 |7 min read

New year, new technology. What will be the top technology trends for the self storage industry this year? Read our predictions here!


How to Optimize Your Tenant's Rental Experience

Jana Haecherl |22 Dec 2016 |4 min read

Research tells us that more and more customers prefer online self service tools over making a phone call. Check out our blog post on how you can provide better self service tools for your tenants.


5 Building Blocks of a Successful Social Media Strategy

Jana Haecherl |22 Dec 2016 |5 min read

New to the social media scene? We've got your back, Jack! Check out our top five tips for social media success.


Client Spotlight: Columbia Storage Group

Jana Haecherl |17 Dec 2016 |3 min read

Columbia Storage Group is growing their self storage development company one property at a time. Find out how this New Jersey company is building up their business on the eastern seaboard.


5 Easy Ways to Rank Better in Google Search

Jana Haecherl |08 Dec 2016 |4 min read

Want to rank better on Google? Check out these five easy tips to optimize your website and boost your search engine ranking.


Client Spotlight: Castlerock Interests, LLC

Jana Haecherl |05 Dec 2016 |7 min read

Castlerock Interests, LLC is bringing creative innovation to self storage management and development. Find out how this Texas owner is using technology to challenge the status quo.


10 Federal Skyrockets to Success With Fully Automated Facility

Jana Haecherl |30 Nov 2016 |1 min read

Check out the latest news from storEDGE client 10 Federal Storage on the success of their first unmanned, fully automated North Carolina facility.


Gadget Review: Bluetooth Locks

Jana Haecherl |18 Nov 2016 |6 min read

At storEDGE, we love technology. So we couldn’t resist trying out the latest tech to hit the self storage world: smart bluetooth padlocks. Read our gadget review and compare the top models, brands, and features.


How to Choose Between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Jana Haecherl |18 Nov 2016 |9 min read

Google AdWords may be the king of PPC advertising, but Facebook Ads are another great option for self storage businesses looking to boost leads and occupancy percentages.


How Voice Search Will Change Local SEO

Jana Haecherl |09 Nov 2016 |3 min read

Voice searches are on the rise thanks to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. Do you know how voice search affects your business’ SEO?


Client Spotlight: Beyond Self Storage

Jana Haecherl |04 Nov 2016 |7 min read

There's a new brand on the block that's challenging self storage stereotypes with modern design and first-class amenities. Find out how they're using technology, style and charitable giving to grow their business.


Facility Maps: What You Need to Know

Jana Haecherl |26 Oct 2016 |6 min read

If you’ve heard the buzz lately about interactive facility maps and want to learn more about digital map features, check out this post! Read on to find out what having a modern, interactive map can do for your business.


Client Spotlight: Smithville Self Storage

Jana Haecherl |24 Oct 2016 |6 min read

This month we're bringing back our client spotlight series with a local client, Smithville Self Storage. Read all about what makes their storage facility unique here!


4 Practical Ways to be a Better Self Storage Manager

Jana Haecherl |20 Oct 2016 |6 min read

Looking to improve your management skills? Check out this collection of some practical things you can start doing right away to be a better facility manager.


What You Need to Know About the Google Possum Algorithm Update

Jana Haecherl |10 Oct 2016 |9 min read

Wondering what's up with local search rankings lately? Here's everything you need to know about Google's 'Possum' algorithm update.


A Day in the Life: Parkville Self Storage

Jana Haecherl |03 Oct 2016 |6 min read

Ever wonder what it is like to work at a different self storage facility? Read all about what a day in the life is like as a facility manager at Parkville Self Storage.


How to Prevent Pets From Being Stored at Your Facility

Jana Haecherl |23 Sep 2016 |13 min read

Whether you’ve encountered the problem at your facility or read horror stories online, this post has you covered. Learn all about the reasons pets end up in self storage and what you can do to protect the animals and your facility.


5 Key Lessons for Smooth Tenant Move-ins

Jana Haecherl |15 Sep 2016 |6 min read

Check out these tips to make sure your technology and customer service skills are on point to make the move-in process a great experience for your new tenants.


After the Show: Our Top 10 Favorite Ways to Enjoy Vegas

Jana Haecherl |31 Aug 2016

Heading to the SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show? Read this to make sure you get the most out of your Las Vegas trip with these tips from Vegas veterans and foodies!


Pokémon Go: Good or Bad for Your Self Storage Business?

Jana Haecherl |22 Aug 2016

You’ve heard about businesses successfully marketing to Pokémon Go players, but will it work for your self storage facility? We looked at the growing trend and its applications to the self storage industry.


4 Ways to be Successful at Online Reviews and Business Listings

Jana Haecherl |12 Aug 2016

Managing your online reviews and business listings can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips to master your online presence.


The Top 20 Most Expensive Cities to Rent a Storage Unit

Jana Haecherl |04 Aug 2016

Does your city make the list? Check out the most expensive places in the world to rent a 5 x 10 ft. storage unit.


Top 10 DIY Productivity Hacks for Self-Storage Managers

Jana Haecherl |12 Jul 2016

Struggling with distractions? Wish you had more time in the day? Hack your workday with these 10 productivity tips to help you become an efficiency machine.


How to Take Your Facility Logo From Blah to Bold

Jana Haecherl |29 Jun 2016

Is your logo looking a little stale? Check out our guide on redesigning your logo and refreshing the face of your brand.


storEDGE® Offers Free Web Listing Scan to Announce New Service

Jana Haecherl |17 Jun 2016

The free listings scan tool rapidly searches the web and finds inaccurate business listings and citations, and leads the announcement of citation management - the service that fixes outdated or missing business information across 100+ online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks and search engines - from one easy-to-manage platform.


18 Things People Hate About Your Website

Jana Haecherl |15 Jun 2016

Oh, website, sweet website, how do thy customers hate thee? Let me count the ways. These 18 little PSAs go out to all the bad websites around the world.


What 'Climate Controlled' Storage Actually Means: 5 Tips for Owners

Jana Haecherl |31 May 2016

We talk about climate control all the time in the self storage industry. But do you know the difference between climate controlled and temperature controlled storage? It may be more important to the success of your business than you think. Get the lowdown on important climate controlled storage facts.