This blog post was originally written by Mia Iverson.

In an earlier post, we emphasized the importance of video for Google Search and SEO but only briefly covered the how-to portion. Today, I want to share some links with you to further your understanding of how creating a video for your website or self storage facility is as easy as pie.

The first thing you want to do is make an outline or plan on what you want your video to be. Will it be a facility walk-through and tour or will it be simply an introduction of who you are and what your facility is all about?

After you’ve come up with a plan and what you want to shoot, you’ll next need to consider the camera you’ll be working with. Depending on your technical level with cameras, anything the camera on your phone to a DSLR will suffice.

CJ wrote:

An expensive video camera isn’t necessary. Most point-and-shoot cameras shoot high-quality video. For example, the Canon Powershot series shoots 1080p HD video and can be purchased for less than $200.

A tripod is a must unless you want to make a “Blair Witch Project” remake. And easy-to-use editing software, such as iMovie, Microsoft Movie maker or Video Pad, allows users to produce videos that look professionally done.

At Red Nova Labs, we have a Media Producer whose primary role is to produce video about our products and for our customers. We have shot and produced several videos for clients using our Rebel T2I camera and Adobe Premiere editing software.

Another option is to produce a video that resembles a power point presentation or a collection of images with audio. Unlike text, search engines are unable to crawl the actual contents of a video, so all of the SEO benefits are the same.

Camera Phone: Hit record and you can email the video from your phone to yourself.

Point and shoot and DSLR cameras: Make your settings and adjustments, hit record, and export your video via the memory card.

Here are some resources for you to check out:

Once your camera is all in order and you’ve shot the video, next you’ll need to edit it on your computer. Some free, online, and easy-to-use editing software includes:

You can also purchase more advanced movie editing software based on your level of technical skills. I recommend either iMovie for some basic editing and for the more advanced editor either FinalCut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

Once you’ve gotten your video to where you’d like it to be, the next thing to do would be to export the video file and upload it to either your website or other social media service. YouTube and Vimeo are good places to start. With either service you are able to create a log in and channel and upload videos to a unique URL. They also provide embed codes if you don’t wish to host your video through your server provider.

More links to consider:

More Online Resources once you have the camera: